What Does Your Handwriting Say about Your Personality?


What Does Your Handwriting Say about Your Personality?
What Does Your Handwriting Say about Your Personality?

The way you write says a lot about your personality. That's why you should grab a sheet right now and write down the first sentence you can think of. Then, take a look at what you've written and decipher what it all means! To help, here are a few things that your handwriting says about your personality:

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The Size of Your Letters

The Size of Your Letters If your handwriting is large, then it means you want to feel understood. You have a desire to be noticed, which is why you're such a people person. You crave attention. Meanwhile, if your handwriting is small, it means that you're introverted. You don't like being the center of attention, because it makes you uncomfortable. However, you do have a strong focus and can keep your mind on one thing when you need to.


The Shape of Your Letters

The Shape of Your Letters Look at the way that you write your capital "As" and lowercase "Ns." If the tops of those letters are rounded, then it means you're a creative, artistic person. It they're pointed, it means you're intelligent, intense, and aggressive.


The Slant of Your Letters

The Slant of Your Letters If your letters aren't slanted at all, it suggests that you're a logical person. If they're slanted toward the left, it means that you're very reserved, and you prefer objects and animals to people. Meanwhile, if your lettres are slanted toward the right, it means that you're a sentimental person who loves their family dearly.


How Hard You Press down

How Hard You Press down If you use a lot of pressure when writing, it means you have strong emotions. You're quick to react, because your feelings are always so intense. Meanwhile, if you only apply light pressure, it means that you don't get tired emotionally. You don't let the stress in your life get you down.


If You Connect Your Letters

If You Connect Your Letters If you connect your letters, instead of leaving a little bit of space in between them, it means that you're logical. Whenever you make a decision, you take the time to think it over so you make the right choice. Meanwhile, if your letters aren't connected, it means that you're intuitive. You always have gut feelings about things, and they tend to be correct.


How You Dot an "i"

How You Dot an "i" If you dot your eyes with a typical dot, then it means that you play by the rules. Meanwhile, if you dot them with designs, like a star or a heart, it means that you're playful and artistic. You enjoy being creative and putting your own spin on things. Now it's time to look at how high the dot is. If it's high over the "i," then it means you have a vivid imagination. If it's to the side of the "i," it means you love to procrastinate. If it's right over the "i," then it means you're organized and empathic.


The Spacing between Lines

The Spacing between Lines When you write on lined paper, look at the amount of space you leave between upper and lower lines. If you leave an even spacing between those lines, it means that you're aware of boundaries. If you don't leave an even space, then it means that you like to rush and get things done as quickly as possible, even if they're not always done correctly.



writing, calligraphy, imitate, alt,, wan, Narrow loops can mean you're restricting yourself--this can lead to tension in your life. Wide loops shows that you're relaxed and up for trying new things. You easily express yourself.


Crossing Your T's

text, handwriting, font, writing, brand, If you cross your t's at the top, you're ambitious, have high self-esteem, and are extremely optimistic. If you cross at the middle, you're confident of yourself. If you cross it long, determination and enthusiasm are strong characteristics, but you have a difficult time with change. Short crosses mean you're not as determined and can be lazy.


How You Write Your O's

product, brand, writing, hand, STABIto, Open o's show you're talkative and sociable--there's no secrets in your life and you're very open. Closed o's show you're private and don't share much about your life--you are most likely introverted.



person, woman, photography, lady, beauty, If your signature is illegible, this shows you're private and not easily readable. Legible signatures show that you're comfortable and confident--you're not hiding anything in your life.

It's time to look at what you've written to decipher your personality. Does your handwriting accurately portray the type of person that you are, or did it get you all wrong?

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Yes u're right!

Point on!

Really enjoyed this. It's all very true and accurate for me! Thanks!

What if your a combination of several. I guess I'm all over the map.

Wow, this was accurate for me as well! I've got to admit, I was pleasantly surprised.

Great article! If tou want to know mire information on this, look into graphology. This can be a very big ropic that you can learn from.

This is false

Agreed to most of what I have read and heard on the subject. Yes it a generalization and this article had not gone too deeply into finer personality traits.

Totally true!

Each of my initials don't connect in my signature is disconnected from the rest of my name while every other letter connects. What does that mean?

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