8 Fabulous DIY Party Decoration Ideas ...


DIY party decoration ideas can be found in droves on the internet.

DIY-ing your own party decorations can not only be cost effective but youโ€™ll also get a sense of accomplishment from creating an amazing party space yourself.

Decoration specifics such as colours and sizes may vary depending on the theme and style of your party, but these can all be easily adapted to suit any DIY party decoration idea.

Take a look at a few ideas for DIY party decorations, below.

1. Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue paper pom poms are some of most common DIY party decoration ideas around.

Making these involves folding a stack of sheets of tissue paper into accordion folds, securing them in the centre with floral wire, trimming the ends, and separating the layers and pulling them away from the centre one at a time.

When hung from the ceiling, they create a whimsical and playful scene.

The best part about these DIY decorations is that you can adjust the size and colour to suit your needs.

2. Circle Garlands

Circle Garlands

If the previous DIY decoration idea seemed too complicated or time consuming, then these circle garlands are an easier project.2

To make these, cut bits of cardboard or felt into circles and join them together by sewing a piece of string through them all.

Hang them from the wall, ceiling or a doorframe for a fun look

3. Jar Candle Holders

Jar Candle Holders

When it comes to mood lighting, nothing beats the glow of a candle.

When it comes to DIY party decoration ideas, this is one of the simplest.

All you need are mason jars in varying sizes and tealight candles.

Place the candles inside the jars and then light them when ready.

This looks great as a table setting.

4. Tassel Garlands

Tassel Garlands

Making tassel garlands is one of the more time consuming DIY decorations out there.3

Youโ€™ll need lots of tissue paper, a craft knife, twine, a ruler, and glue.

For detailed instructions Iโ€™d recommend searching the internet for a step-by-step guide (there are plenty).

These garlands look great when hung from the ceiling in a variety of colours.

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