7 Beautifully Unique DIY Bed Stands ...


Looking for DIY Bed Stands that are unique?

Then you have come to the right place because we have here some fun and unique DIY bed stands that you can copy or take inspiration from.

Some of these DIY night stands are very easy and cheap to do.

I bet you can make one (or two) right now using materials that you can find in your own home or that thrift shop near you.

1. Faux Birch Tree

Faux Birch Tree

I have made a list here of crafty projects that you can do with logs and branches.2

I remember including one for making a birch tree side table.

For this particular DIY bed stand, you will make a faux log table.

The materials needed are concrete tube, plywood, gesso, paint, and a few others for completing the faux look.

The result: a chic but rustic bed stand.

2. Cheese Box

Cheese Box

How clever!

If you happen to know where you can get a cheese boxes, I suggest that you give this DIY home project a try.

Don't worry, constructing this night stand is very easy.

I reckon that it's an affordable project, too.

Design variation: instead of wheels, you can attach stubby furniture legs to the bottom of the cheese boxes.

3. Unused Table

Unused Table

This is probably my favorite among these nifty DIY night stands.2

First of all, I like that an unused piece of furniture was utilized.

I am also utterly in love with the color.

Doesn't it look gorgeous against the beautiful blue wall?

I also love this project because you basically get to make two bed stands using one table.


4. Floating


So you have a small bedroom and you are wondering if you have space for night stands.

This DIY bed stand tutorial is here to save the day.

Because they float against the wall, they will not be stealing precious floor space from you.

Bonus: these bed stands are incredibly easy to assemble.

You can also decorate them in any way you like!

Cardboard Tube
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