7 Ways to Personalize Your Computer ...

Have you ever wanted to find ways to personalize your computer, besides just changing your desktop wallpaper? There are many options to choose from. They’re almost as easy as changing your desktop wallpaper too. So, if you’re getting bored of staring at your same old computer screen day in and day out, check out my seven ways to personalize your computer and get started right away!

1. Change the Desktop Icons

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Did you know that changing your desktop icons is one of the easiest ways to personalize your computer? Instead of changing your wallpaper all of the time, change your desktop icons! My favorite site to find icons is Icon Archive. It offers icons for both Mac, Windows and Linux machines. You can change your icons for the holidays, seasons, you name it. One time, I changed mine to sushi when I was craving Japanese food! The options are endless! All you have to do is download the correct file for your machine, right click on the icon you want to change and click on "properties," and then "change icons."

2. Skins or Covers

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Unfortunately, these are not free, but they definitely can add some of your personality to your computer. If you invest in a cover, you’ll protect your computer compared to if you get a skin. A skin is just a printed sticker. You can purchase skins from many places, but the most popular is skinit.com. They range in prices to, depending on the size and device.

3. Change out Your Keyboard

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Did you know you could change out your laptop keyboard? Most keyboards are removable and you can purchase another one to go in its place. As for desktops, it’s an easier process because there’s no unscrewing necessary. Unplug the cord, plug in a new keyboard and you’re good to go. You can purchase new keyboards on sites such as eBay or Amazon or sites that specifically carry computer parts. If you’re not sure how to remove and replace your keyboard, check out YouTube tutorials or bring it to your local electronics store.

4. Upgrade the Hardware

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You can increase the RAM, which aids in the speed at which your computer operates. This will make your computer run faster and smoother. The more RAM, the better. Make sure the RAM you purchase is compatible with your computer. You can find this out by reading the user manual that came with your machine or by looking it up online.

5. Screensaver

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I haven’t had a screensaver in years, but this is definitely a way to personalize your computer (and it’s free too!)... Instead of having a boring black screensaver, go ahead and make a slide show of images that you’ve taken with your camera or choose another animated screensaver. You can also find free screensavers to download as well.

6. Desktop Gadgets

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You can put gadgets on your desktop for easy access. There are so many to choose from. Windows operating systems already comes preloaded with gadgets, but Yahoo! also makes software you can download as well. These gadgets range from clocks, to battery monitors, to even games! They can be placed anywhere on your computer’s desktop and can also be easily uninstalled if you grow tired of them.

7. Sound

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You can change the sounds that your machine makes when you turn on the operating system or when a warning message pops up. You can do this by going to the control panel and searching for «sound.» Once there, head on over to program events and go ahead and choose the sound you want. It’s as easy as that!

With these seven customization tips, you can make your computer complement your own style and personality.I find a certain happiness in changing up my computer every once in awhile, especially when the holidays come closer or the seasons change. Do you use any of these ways to personalize your computer? If so, how often do you change up your computer wallpaper, icons, etc?

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