7 Ways That Being a Virgo Benefits Your Friendships ...


Virgos have a lot to offer in a friendship. Your traits bring a unique perspective that other signs don’t share. Your friends are sure to count themselves lucky to have you as a friend for many different reasons. Here’re 7 of them.

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You Can Always Be Counted on for Your Honesty

Virgos are very honest. If someone wants to know the truth, they can trust a Virgo to give it to them. That’s a valuable trait in friendship. We all want a friend that’ll be honest with us and help us see the truth of situations we’re going through in our lives. Sometimes we can’t see clearly when we’re in the midst of something difficult and an honest friend is a rare gift during those times.


You Rarely Miss a Friend’s Birthday or Special Occasion

Virgos rarely ever miss out on something special in a friend’s life. You’re organized and careful to celebrate birthdays and all the other special events your friend has. You also do your best to give gifts that your friend will love. Your thoughtfulness makes you a wonderful gift giver.


You Can Easily Sense when Something’s up with a Friend

Part of the many Virgo traits is being sensitive to your own feelings and those of others. You can almost always sense when something’s going on with a friend. Your intuition is strong and you’ve learned to trust it when it comes to your relationships with others. We all appreciate a friend who’s tuned in to us and knows when something’s wrong without us ever saying a word. Your friends are grateful that you know them well enough to discern when something is going on.


You’re Careful of Other’s Feelings

This’s another way that your trait of sensitivity is valuable in friendship. You’d never intentionally hurt another person. Of course there may be times when you might hurt someone on accident. That’s something that’s not completely avoidable. But you’d never choose to hurt a friend even if you’re upset. Your friends mean too much to you.


You’re the Perfect Person to Turn to for Problem Solving

Virgos are amazing at problem solving. Thanks to your analytical approach to life, you’re great at analyzing problems. You can see things from different angles. That gives you an insight that your friend may not have because of their closeness to the situation. You can help them with problems they’re dealing with at school, work, in their love life or other friendships.


You Put Your Whole Heart into Being a Friend

You’re a perfectionist at everything and this’s no exception. You don’t want to be a crappy friend! So you throw yourself into friendships a hundred and ten percent. When you’re a friend, you’re a friend for the long haul. Devotion comes naturally to you.


Your Friends Know They Can Always Count on You

You’re reliable and dependable in friendship. If you say that you’ll do something then you’ll do your absolute best to follow through. Your friends know that they can count on you for whatever they need. This’s something all of us love to find in a friend and we treasure it when we do. Virgos devotion to those they care about is a beautiful addition to any friendship.

These’re 7 ways that being a Virgo benefits your friendships. How many of these rings true for you? Are these things your friends tell you they value in you?

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I have had several Virgo friends, some fabulous and having all of these good qualities, but I have also experienced the exact opposite with a few of them. It seems if they were nurtured well in childhood they develop the terrific qualities you describe, but if their needs are not met as children they don't seem to be able to move forward, although they try really hard.

I'm a Virgo and I kind of relate to this

@karena thanks! You rock! And @jamey i'm sorry to hear one of my fellow virgos turned out to be an ass. Best of luck!

Typos Haha a few Virgos yes...

Maybe some virgos show these traits but you also have to realize we have a moon sign too that can be completely different and that might be the reason for differences in Virgo sun signs if they are not also a virgo moon :)

Thanks, this really describes me! You should do more of Virgo things😂🙏. @clee00 yes we slay!

I'm a Virgo and I can totally relate to all of these! I think this is so true and many people have commented on me for these traits! Thank you for such a good read! :)

My ex best friend was a Virgo. And she didn't have any of these traits. She was an evil crazy bitch 😡

I'm a virgo but sadly I dont have friends.

Im a virgo and i totally find these 100% me; to all virgo females : we slayy !💕

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