7 Ways That Being a Scorpio Benefits Your Friendships ...

Scorpios have many valuable traits that make them wonderful friends. If you’re a Scorpio, then your friends would certainly agree with that statement. If you’re curious exactly what it is that makes you a good friend then here are some answers to that question. All of these points may not be an exact fit for you, but it’s likely that many of them are.

1. Your Bravery Makes You the Perfect Friend for Adventures

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Scorpios are brave souls. This makes them the perfect friend to call on for an adventure. There’s probably not much that scares you in life. Amusement parks, adventures at sea and many more things sound more exciting than frightening. You’re always ready to do something that gets your heart pumping. Your friends love this about you!

2. You’ve Got an Incredibly Kind Heart

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Not only do Scorpios have a brave heart, they’ve got a kind one as well. Scorpios are one of the kindest zodiac signs that exist. All those who know you well would likely agree. Those in your close inner circle of family and friends are especially blessed by your kindness. Kindness is one of those little things in life that make it a little sweeter and having this trait in a friend like you is a blessing.

3. You’d Never Betray a Friendship

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Scorpios would never betray a friend to another. When you’re a friend, you’re a friend till the end. You’re incredibly loyal and devoted. You’d never stab a friend in the back even if you were angry with them. You always have faith that friends can work their differences out. Even if they don’t, you’d always act with integrity because that’s the type of person that you are.

4. You’re the First to Stand up for a Friend

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Another way that you’re loyal to your friends is that you’re the first to stand up for them. You’d never tolerate someone else mistreating your friend. You’ve always got your friends' backs and they love that about you. They know that in the rough situations, you’re going to be there. You aren’t only a fair weather friend.

5. You’re Never Boring

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You’re never boring, Scorpio. You’re an interesting person and that makes you an interesting friend. You’ve always got something going on in your life to share. Your friends love that fascinating trait in you. It can give them inspiration to mix things up when their life gets a little stale.

6. You Can Almost Read the Minds of Others

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This is a very unique trait. Scorpios seem to have the ability to read the minds of others. That’s not exactly the way it is, although it seems like it. It’s more that you’re so intuitive that you can pick up on the vibes your friends are sending without them saying a word. Your friends love that you’re so in tune with them.

7. You’re an Encourager

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We all need an encourager in our lives, don’t we? You’re that person for your friends. You truly want what’s best for them in all situations. Additionally, you have tons of ambition in your own life and want to see your friends have that as well. You love encouraging them to reach for their dreams.

These are 7 ways that being a Scorpio benefits your friendships. Do your friends share that they love these things about you? Are these things you’ve heard before?

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