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I have a secret. I love Libras and their beautiful, sunny personalities. I’m not a Libra but my daughter is and I treasure the friendship that we’re growing into as she’s becoming a young woman. If you’re a Libra then these are seven ways that the traits of your zodiac sign are benefiting your friendships.

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Your Sunny Nature Can Cheer up Friends when They’re down

Most Libras are very sunny! You have a bright, cheerful personality. Being around a Libra can really cheer up a friend when they’re feeling down. Your ability to look at the glass as half full can inspire your friends to do the same. I’m sure that you’re aware they turn to you when they’re having a bad day to help them see the sunny side of life again.


You Can Be Counted on to Offer a Balanced Viewpoint

Because of your desire for fairness and equality, you can always be counted on to offer a balanced viewpoint. Your personality naturally focuses on the need for fairness. When a friend talks to you, they know you won’t side with them just because you’re their friend. You’ll help them see the other side of the equation. This can help them to understand situations they’re having with others better.


You Can Give Your Friends the Benefit of the Doubt

Libras are naturally very patient. You’re also tolerant so you don’t hold it against your friend if they’re having a bad day. You give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the best of them. This is a gift you’re giving to your friendships. It speaks of what a wonderful friend you are.


You’re a Great Buddy to Have in Social Situations

You’ve got a lot of charm as a Libra. You’re a great choice to have as a buddy in social situations. While you can be introverted, you also have no trouble being social when you need to be. You can be comical and entertaining. No wonder your friends always want you to be their person to hang with at parties!


You Always Play Fair

This is another way your desire for fairness and equality is beneficial in a friendship. You aren’t an underhanded person. You would never stoop to low behavior just because you’re upset. You can’t tolerate those behaviors in others and you certainly don’t want to exhibit them yourself. By always playing fair, you make and keep many friends.

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You Don’t Take Bad Days out on Others

While you can lend understanding to others if they have a bad day and take it out on others, you do your best not to fall into that temptation. You’re tactful and careful of the feelings of others. That stands true in both your good and bad days. You realize that if you’re having a bad day then it’s something you have to deal with and shouldn’t be a problem for your friends. While it’s good to not take your bad days out on others, it’s also okay to talk to them when you’re having a tough time.


You’re Forgiving when Others Are Late

As a Libra, you’re not unfamiliar with procrastination. It’s probably something you’ve had your struggles with. Because of that, you understand when others are late on something due to procrastinating tendencies. You’re able to be forgiving because you get it. You’ve been in that spot yourself.

These are 7 ways that being a Libra benefits your friendships. Are these things your friends love about you? What do they tell you are your best assets in friendship?

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My boyfriend and I are Libras, and this is all so true! People often ask how we make it work bc of or matching signs, but we always compromise and forgive (but never forget). I have, however, met a Libra or two that's nothing like this article. Maybe they're early Scorpios?

Not to sound like I'm bragging; but I've been told similar things about myself & I am a Libra!

Yes bow down to my libra awesomeness!!!!!

Following on what I was recently told this article is true ! I always wanted to be able to provide anyone I meet with this kind of understanding and I think I do !

Oh my! Oh my! This is so frabjous! Indubitably true! ❤️

What about the other sun signs????

Love this. So true!

Yes I agree. My other half is a libran and he is so balanced.

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