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7 Ways That Being an Aquarius Benefits Your Friendships ...

By Alicia

Aquarius individuals make very good friends. Being born under this sign gives you personality traits such as a quick wit, a good attitude and the ability to gain wisdom in any experience you have. All of those traits make you a great friend and they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Read on to find out some of the special ways you’re a good friend to others.

1 You’re Very Entertaining

As an Aquarius, you’re supremely entertaining. Your quick wit and clever comebacks make you a fun person to have a conversation with. You’ve always got something funny to share and you’ll say things purely for laughs. Your friends love to have you around anytime but especially if they’re hosting an event. They know they can count on you to liven up any social gathering!

2 You Can’t Stand to See a Friend down

Aquarius individuals don’t like to see their friends down. You’ll do anything to cheer up a friend. Your caring heart wants to make them smile and laugh. You don’t like to deal with negativity so you do what you can to eliminate it, even in the emotions of those close to you. Your friends are very lucky to have someone who helps them see the silver lining.


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3 You Have a Caring Heart

I’ve found this to be completely accurate in my dealings with an Aquarius close to me. You have a caring heart that’s easily seen. You’re truly concerned about your friends and what they’re going through. You definitely don’t have the attitude that their problems are theirs alone. You’ll do whatever you can to help them deal with situations in their life, no matter what they’re about.

4 Your Advice is Always Wise

I love to talk to an Aquarius when I need advice. You have so much wisdom to share as a member of this zodiac sign. You’re an easy person to talk to, as well. Those are both valuable traits. You can see solutions for most problems, but you’re respectful in allowing your friends to choose to take your suggestions or consider searching for an alternative.

5 You’re Adaptable to Every Situation

An Aquarius has the ability to adapt to different situations quite well. It’s not that you’re always totally comfortable when you have to adapt but you do have the ability to do it. You aren’t easily thrown off balance. This makes you a great friend to have in the corner. Your friends know they can look to you for a good example when they themselves are feeling unsure.

6 You Can Be Counted on for the Truth

An Aquarius won’t tell a lie for the sake of comforting a friend. You may soften the truth, but you could never be accused of falsehoods. You’re honest and that’s another thing your friends love about you. They know if they ask a question then they’ll get an honest answer. Knowing you have a friend that’ll never lie to you is a lovely thing.

7 You’re an Affectionate Friend

As an Aquarius, you’re naturally affectionate. You aren’t shy in showing that you care about your friends. You’ll send them a card just because they’re in your heart and you’re always ready for a hug. You like to let others know what they mean to you. Your friends never have to doubt that you care.

These are 7 distinct ways your personality as an Aquarius is beneficial in friendship. Can you see yourself in these descriptions? I can’t wait to read your comments!

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