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7 Ways That Being a Sagittarius Benefits Your Friendships ...

By Alicia

Sagittarius individuals make amazing friends. If this is your sign then your friends are lucky, indeed. My sister, who’s also a dear friend to me, is a Sagittarius. I’ve been lucky to experience the benefits of friendship with a Sagittarius my entire life.

1 You’re Very Generous

Sagittarius people are very generous. You’re generous with your time, with gifts and in many other ways. You have a huge heart for others and your friends hold a special place in your heart. You care deeply for them and love giving whenever you can. It makes your day when you can give to others.

2 You’re a Thoughtful Friend

You’re also thoughtful as a Sagittarius, which is a trait that goes well with being generous. You not only love to give gifts but you put careful thought into your gift giving. You’re thrilled when you can find a gift that you know is perfect for a friend. You’re also the type of person who would pick something up for a friend just because it reminds you of them or you think it would make them smile. You’re also thoughtful in other ways, such as always considering the feelings of others.

3 You Offer a Unique Point of View

I’ve seen this ring true in my Sagittarius sister. Your zodiac sign tends toward being philosophical, which gives you a very unique point of view. You look at things through a different lens than most people. It’s a definite benefit that your friends can get your thoughts on situations in their life that they’re struggling with. Your advice can always be counted on for wisdom.

4 You’re Always up for Fun

You aren’t always serious, Sagittarius. You’re actually tons of fun to spend time with and always up for enjoying various activities. Your personality includes the character trait of enthusiasm, which makes you a great choice for just about anything. You have a sense of adventure that opens the world up to you and your lucky friends get to come along for the ride.

5 You’re Cheerful and That’s Contagious

If your friends need cheering up, they know that calling you is a good idea. Your bright, cheerful personality makes them feel better. And that’s contagious. By the end of a phone call with you they’re feeling much better. A Sagittarius can point out the bright side in any situation.

6 You Have the Ability to Cut to the Heart of the Matter

I absolutely love this trait of Sagittarius individuals. You can look at a situation and quickly cut right to the heart of the matter to sum up the facts in moments. It’s almost as if you can effortlessly see through issues to what’s truly going on. This makes you the person to talk to. I know that my intelligent Sagittarius sister has offered me advice over the years that’s been quick, precise and right on target because she can has this ability.

7 Your Sincerity is Something Your Friends Treasure

In a world filled with people who hide behind masks or are just plain fake, Sagittarius people are refreshing. You’re sincere, which is a rare commodity today. Your friends never have to doubt if you mean the things you say. They know that you’re truthful and they can trust you. Others treasure this quality in you.

These are 7 ways that you make an amazing friend. Which of these Sagittarius traits do you see in yourself and your friendships? Do many of these traits ring true for you?

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