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This is What You Should Be Drinking According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Eliza

You probably know that your zodiac sign may have an influence on your personality and your likes and dislikes. Whether or not that’s really true, most people can see some similarities when they read their sign. Did you know that some believe there is a link between your sign and what you like to drink? If you’re tired of trying cocktails you don’t like, use this info to try something that might become your new favorite. Happy hour will never be the same again.

1 Capricorn

Bombay Sapphire, drink, alcoholic beverage, distilled beverage, cocktail, You want tried and true drinks that you can rely on to be good. None of this new and trendy stuff for you. Stick with something like a Gibson and you’ll always be happy. That’s because you like things classic and traditional. Bottoms up!

2 Aquarius

produce, alcoholic beverage, food, drink, dish, Ladies with this sign are adventurous and like to try new things. You want a drink that you can enjoy while spending time with family or friends sharing stories or telling jokes. Order yourself an Old Fashioned and you’ll be all set.

3 Pisces

produce, drink, plant, alcoholic beverage, fruit, When you drink, you want your choice to take you away from the day to day grind. You like something fruity and sweet. A Beachcomber has your name all over it. It has that sweetness you love and is perfect for sipping with friends at happy hour.

4 Aries

dish, drink, alcoholic beverage, long island iced tea, produce, You like your cocktails as bold and outgoing as you are. That’s why a Bloody Mary is your go-to choice. It has strong flavors that satisfy your need for something big and attention grabbing. Try yours with bacon – you won’t be sorry!

5 Taurus

drink, alcoholic beverage, cocktail, daiquiri, pink lady, Drinks that are simple and easy are ones that match your personality. You want something that meets your standards and can become an old standby. Next time you belly up to the bar, order a classic Martini and you’ll have your signature drink.

6 Gemini

drink, alcoholic beverage, cocktail, caipirinha, caipiroska, You like trendy and new so the same old drinks will never satisfy you. You might have a favorite for a while, then get bored and need something new. Try a Caipirinha and you’ll love what you get. It’s not what everyone else is having and you’ll love being a bit different.

7 Cancer

alcoholic beverage, red, water, drink, distilled beverage, Straight up is how you want your cocktails. You disdain the trendy drinks that are popular for a few weeks then go out of style for the next big thing. Your signature drink should be a Moscow Mule or a simple rum and coke.

8 Leo

drink, alcoholic beverage, distilled beverage, food, cocktail, Leo ladies are known for their flair for drama. They like when things are happening and they want to be part of the action. The French 75 is perfect because it has flair and elegance that meets your needs.

9 Virgo

alcoholic beverage, produce, drink, food, distilled beverage, Like myself, other Virgos like cleanliness and organization. They want something earthy and fresh. You’ll get that when you order a Gin Rickey, which is lime juice and gin. It’s fresh and flavorful and perfect any day of the week.

10 Libra

drink, alcoholic beverage, distilled beverage, cocktail, margarita, You want something that isn’t too strong, like a gently fruity cocktail. An Orange Blossom is a drink you’ll really love. It has the fruity taste you like without being overpowering. It’s a great drink for home or the bar.

11 Scorpio

alcoholic beverage, drink, distilled beverage, produce, food, Intensity is the name of the game if this is your sign, which means you want a drink that is the same way. The Stinger is perfect for you with its signature blend of strong tasting ingredients. Sip it slowly and make it last because it will hit you with a punch if you aren’t careful.

12 Sagittarius

alcoholic beverage, drink, distilled beverage, wine, close up, Girls with this sign love adventure and new experiences so you are probably open to new things. You want a drink that makes you feel this way every time you taste it, which is why you should be having a Rob Roy every day at happy hour.

What’s your sign? Does this info sound like it matches your drinking preferences?

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