Which Disney Princess Fits Your Zodiac Sign ?


Which Disney Princess Fits Your Zodiac Sign ?
Which Disney Princess Fits Your Zodiac Sign ?

Have you ever wondered what kind of princess you would be? Well, Your Tango has that information for you! Here's the Disney princess that fits your zodiac sign the best:

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Capricorn Capricorn as a Disney princess: Esmerelda
You're flirty and fun. You know when to be feisty and when not to be.



Aquarius Aquarius as a Disney princess: Rapunzel
You don't let the haters hate! Keep your chin up princess, be the bigger person.



Pisces Pisces as a Disney princess: Aurora
It's hard to get you down. You always find a way to tolerate life.


As a Pisces, you embody Aurora’s dreamy and gentle persona. Your compassion and intuitive nature make you incredibly empathetic, resonating with Sleeping Beauty’s kindness towards all living things. You, too, have a deep connection to the arts, often getting lost in your own world of fantasy and creativity. Even though you might sometimes wish to escape reality, your ability to adapt and go with the flow ensures you bounce back with grace. Just like Aurora finding her prince, your romantic heart is always hoping for a fairytale ending.



Aries Aries as a Disney princess: Ariel
You have your pick of the litter with who you can spend time with-make sure everyone is worth your time.



Taurus Taurus as a Disney princess: Merida
You are caring and headstrong when it comes to defending your family.



Gemini Gemini as a Disney princess: Jasmine
You are passionate and full of energy. You know when to breathe and handle life ike a big girl.



Cancer Cancer as a Disney princess: Cinderella
You are extremely alluring to those who meet you. You are imaginative, kind, and endlessly changing.



Leo Leo as a Disney princess: Mulan
You are able to sieze any opportunity thrown your way. You never let a curveball get in your way when you're determined to achieve something.



Virgo Virgo as a Disney princess: Megara
You're a natural leader and have no problem telling people where to shove it when you know you're right. You love entirely and make it show.



Libra Libra as a Disney princess: Tiana
Youre hardworking and caring. You're optimistic with a unique beauty about you.



Scorpio Scorpio as a Disney princess: Pocahantas
You are brave, passionate, strong, and never give up without a fight. You like to think big!



Sagittarius Sagittarius as a Disney princess: Elsa
You are ambitious and have a fierce sense of being in control. You're diplomacy in life can help you smoothe over issues quickly.

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Hmmm ... I'm a Scorpio but I feel more of Rapunzel, though adventurous like Pocahontas

Oh I'm really pleased to be a real life Pocahontas!!

Aurora hmm I am more jasmin type


Man I wanted either aurora or Pocahontas but I got tiana

@Meg Meg is the girl from Hercules

Funny, last time I saw one of these, I was Anna, and now I'm Elsa.

Merida? Nooo.

Elsa? No way I'm more Aurora and Jasmine


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