7 Signs You're a Friend Others Are Happy to Have ...

By Alicia

7 Signs You're a Friend Others Are Happy to Have ...

Are you a friend that others are happy to have? There’re some specific ways to know for sure. This article can help you to know if you’re a friend others love having in their life. If you don’t feel you’re quite there, no worries! You can always work on being a good friend.

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1 Your Friends Come to You for Advice

You can tell you’re a friend others are happy to have if they often come to you for advice. They value your wisdom and insight into situations. They know they can count on you for honesty and wisdom. You can look at their personal situations and help them see the best course of action. Everyone loves a friend that helps them see the best option.

2 You Totally Get Each Other

You know that you’ve got a great friendship when you’ve got a connection. You totally get each other. You get each other’s jokes and you find yourselves thinking the same thoughts about others, even when you know those thoughts aren’t so nice! In fact, words aren’t always necessary. You know how the other is thinking and feeling without saying it.

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3 You Notice when Something’s up

Everyone is happy to have a friend that notices when something’s up. If you can do this with your friends then know that you’re treasured. Don’t you love when someone cares enough about you to know when you’ve got something on your mind? If you don’t seem to have this ability, not to worry. You can become observant of your friends and notice when something’s up, especially after you’ve been friends for awhile and really know each other.

4 You’re Invited to Everything

You know that you’re a friend others are happy to have if you’re invited to everything. You don’t miss out on the best parties, in fact, you’re helping plan them! You can’t remember the last time you missed an event hosted by your friends. Even if you’re in a circle of introverts, you’re a part of the small gatherings. And if you host something of your own then you can always count on your friends to be there.

5 You Know How to Make Others Laugh

You may not be an up and coming comedian but you can make others laugh. You may do it through teasing others or laughing at yourself. It could be that you always know the best jokes to tell. And maybe you’re just blessed with a witty personality which may be best of all. Whatever your style of humor, friends love having you in their circle because of your ability to make them laugh.

6 You Have Long-term Friendships in Your Life

If you keep friendships for a long time, that’s a good thing. You’re someone others want to keep around! It’s normal for friendships to have cycles and you’ll be making new friends all throughout your life. But when you have some friendships lasting years then you know that you’re an amazing friend.

7 You Have Great Memories Together

Having great memories together is one of the best parts of friendship. It could be fun things you’ve done together, like acting silly in public places or throwing an amazing Halloween party. Whatever your unique memories are, they make your friendships special. You’ve been there for important parts of each other’s lives. And the best part is that you have more special things to share in the future.

These’re 7 signs that you’re a friend others are happy to have. Do you see these traits in yourself? What do your friends say makes you an amazing friend?

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