9 Wall Decals to Decorate Your Apartment ...

Wall Decals are a great way to spice up an apartment, a house or even a loft. Personally, I love wall decals, I think that they brighten up a once dull space and overall, they are interesting to look at. Have you ever used wall decals before to truly make a space your own? In my current apartment, we have a ton of them room to room because every room has a different theme. That brought the idea of doing the top 9 wall decals that will make any apartment look awesome!

1. Perfect Flower Stem

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Price: $9.96 at amazon.com
This is one of the awesome wall decals that I have in my guest room because it is girly and fun (even if it makes my father-in-law a little uncomfortable). The flowers are bright and pink and the fact that you can put the stems and flowers anywhere you can truly make this wall decal customizable. Whether you are putting up the decals to tell a story or to just make an accent wall, these perfect petals are pretty hot looking!

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