9 Typical Dorm Room Posters That We Should All Agree to Stop Buying ...

As students across the country are headed back to school, most of them are looking into what dorm room posters they want to adorn their walls. While some students will go all out in decorating their room to reflect their personality, a good chunk of students will just throw on these typical dorm room posters and leave it at that. While some students actually buy these posters because they enjoy them, most people will purchase them because they know it is common amongst their peers. So in my time in college, here are the most common dorm room posters that we should all agree to stop using as decorations.

1. Breakfast at Tiffanyโ€™s

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Most girls consider this one of the go-to dorm room posters. I mean what is not to love about one of the most iconic actresses in her most iconic role ever? But the thing about this poster is that it's a bit too common. It seems that anyone who has this poster just threw it on their wall because they thought it was expected. Typically the girls with a Breakfast at Tiffanyโ€™s poster donโ€™t really care about the details and will just throw something together without caring if their room really reflects their personality.

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