7 Ways to Create a Gorgeous Girly Home ...


7 Ways to Create a Gorgeous Girly Home ...
7 Ways to Create a Gorgeous Girly Home ...

Who doesn't want a gorgeous girly home? Even if you don't want to paint the entire house pink, there are lots of ways to add feminine touches that will make your home look stunning and feel cosy. If you have a partner, you can add just some of these touches so he isn't overwhelmed by girliness. Or if you have male roommates, you can confine the feminine aspects to your own room. Try these ways to create a beautiful girly home …

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Candles One of the loveliest ways to create a girly home is with lots of candles. They look beautiful grouped together, and of course smell divine when lit. Remember to always observe fire safety; never leave lit candles unattended and place them away from curtains.



Textiles Textiles are a very versatile way of making your home girly and gorgeous. There are an infinite variety of colors and textures to glam up your home - a beautiful velvet or fake fur throw will make your bed or sofa look divine. A soft mohair blanket tossed over a chair is great to curl up under on colder evenings. Plus, you can also invest in some beautiful curtains.



Cushions Cushions are definitely a feminine thing! As the cooler weather approaches you'll be spending more time curled up watching movies, so as well as throws and blankets you'll need lots of cushions. Pile them onto your bed or sofa so that you can lounge around in girly comfort. Cushions aren't just for comfort; they also look great. Why not make some cushion covers in beautiful feminine fabrics?


Paint & Paper

Paint & Paper If you live alone or have a very tolerant partner, you can add a big girly touch to your home with paint and wallpaper. There are some beautiful floral papers around; you can use small prints for a traditional look or huge flowers for a more modern look. For painted walls, choose shades of pink, red or purple; contrast an accent wall with a softer shade if the stronger color would be too much on all four walls.



Floral Every girly home should have florals! You can introduce them in many ways. Cover the seats of your dining chairs with a floral print - it isn't difficult and doesn't need much fabric. Have floral curtains in your kitchen and some fresh flowers in a vase. Or you could try stencilling flowers on a wall.



Photos Men don't tend to put up many photos, so if you want your home to look more girly have lots of framed photos on display. They don't have to all be family snaps; you can also get prints of images that you like. A fun way of displaying photos is to make a collage on a wall, which is also a great way of bringing back memories.



Lighting Finally, soft lighting is an essential part of a girly home. Men tend to approach lighting as a functional concept, whereas we girls love beautiful shades and mood lighting. There are fabulously feminine lampshades around that will create a relaxed atmosphere. A string of fairy lights also looks utterly gorgeous, or you can try colored bulbs.

When you live alone, you have carte blanche to make your home as girly as you want. Even if you share with a male partner, you can still add touches that will make your home feminine without being too overwhelming. Do your tastes in décor clash with your partner's, or do you loathe all things pink?

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its lovely

My aunts house is so girly it\'s beautiful



And you can't forget pink accents!😊

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