7 Cute Ways to Personalize Your Car and Make It Unique ...

By Holly

7 Cute Ways to Personalize Your Car and Make It Unique ...

Whether your vehicle is sparkling new or falling apart, there are ways to personalize your car. If you don’t want to waste money getting an entirely new paint job or installing expensive equipment, you can try some cheaper methods. Like your room or outfit, you want your car to show off your personality. There are ways to personalize your car that are easy and manageable.

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1 Antenna Toppers

One of the easiest ways to personalize your car is with antenna toppers. They’re adorable and are a great way for others to see what you’re interested in. They come in every shape imaginable, from soccer balls to Disney characters to dog heads. They’re cheap and occasionally come in packs, so that you’re able to swap them out. Just don’t get too attached to them. Since they’re on the outside of your car, they’re easy for others to steal.

2 Bumper Stickers

If you don’t want to ruin the paint on your car, you’ll want to avoid sticking things to the bumper. But if you want to make a strong statement, stickers are a great way to do so. You can get one that has a funny slogan, declares your favorite baseball team, or shows your support for cancer patients. Whether you take the serious route or use humor, you’re displaying a part of your personality. Just make sure that you like the sticker you’re using, because it can be difficult prying it off.

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3 License Plate

You can order personalized license plates from the DMV in your state. Some people have clever ideas that deserve their own plate. If you don’t want to go through the process of getting new plates, you can simply buy a license plate frame. You can buy a solid color or one with words and designs. There are plenty of frames to choose from on Amazon.com if you don’t want to visit the closest auto store.

4 Air Fresheners

This is more for the friends that will be sitting in the passenger seat than those driving beside you. Finding a delicious smelling air freshener can be difficult, but it will make your car feel more comfortable. They come in different shapes, so you can show your love for a sports team or Mickey Mouse. Check out naturallife.com for cute ideas. Air fresheners are the smallest and cheapest way to personalize your car.

5 Seat Covers and Floor Mats

Seat cushions have a duel function. They can make your car look friendlier while making you feel more comfortable. You can buy covers and mats that come in animal print or other cute designs. Some even look like adorable animals. Search through cardecor.com for seat covers, mats, and other car accessories.

6 Steering Wheel Covers

Just like seat covers, steering wheel covers have multiple functions. They keep your hands from burning in the summer while making a cute fashion statement. You can buy one with flowers adorned on it or search for something that has your favorite television show pictured on it. You’ll look at it everyday when you sit behind the wheel, so make sure you pick something you love. Get searching!

7 Stuffed Animals

Do you have any old toys that you’re not ready to get rid of? You can let your stuffed animals perch on the dashboard or by the back window of your car. If you have any bobble heads, you can use them as well. Just be careful, because they might fall or block your view. You don’t want to use anything too distracting or that will get in your way.

If you have a car of your own, use it to show off your personality! What kind of car do you have? Do you like the way it looks, inside and out?

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Air freshner matts and steeting wheel cover is fine but the rest Works if u r a teen ager

These ideas are so cute!

Stuffed animals?!

Lovely Ideas .. Thank u dear

splashhhh cmon if U r misses i know everything dont let the others know!!😜

I put a dream catcher on my rear view mirror to jazz up my car. I love it

Personally I find these ideas tacky. The only one that is remotely cute is the air freshener.

..... Stuffed... Animals..

This article is stupid. Really? What a waste of time to put this down in an article.

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