7 Amazing Chalkboard Paint Ideas to Transform Your Home ...


7 Amazing Chalkboard Paint Ideas to Transform Your Home ...
7 Amazing Chalkboard Paint Ideas to Transform Your Home ...

Have you seen all the amazing things you can do with chalkboard paint? There are just so many chalkboard paint ideas out there. It's not just a cool way for kids to be creative, or used for teachers to fill with classroom notes. Chalkboard paint ideas are quickly becoming a regular part of home decorating. Check out these amazing chalkboard paint ideas to transform your home.

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Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses Cover the base of your wine glasses with chalkboard paint. When you have guest over for drinks get out a stick chalk. Everyone can write their names on their glasses to keep them from getting mixed up.


Serving Tray

Serving Tray Cover the base of a serving tray with chalkboard paint. You can label the food your are serving to your guest. It's a quick and easy chalkboard paint idea to dress up your old serving tray.



Headboard Want a unique headboard idea? Why not cover it in chalkboard paint. Once you do it, you can leave sweet notes to your special someone to find in the morning.


Jar Labels

Jar Labels You can even use chalkboard paint to create changeable labels on things like jars, boxes, and storage bins. Just paint a small strip on each container.


Child's Toy Box

Child's Toy Box Let your child get creative on his or her toy box with this chalkboard paint idea. You can either cover the entire chest in paint or just a few areas. Either way your child will love this awesome toy box.



Office Create am amazing message board or erasable calendar for your office with this chalkboard paint idea. You cover the entire wall, like you see in the picture above, or just the section around your desk.


Outside Chalkboard Paint

Outside Chalkboard Paint Don't limit yourself to only using chalkboard paint indoors. Chalkboard paint works great outside too. You can create a fun area along your fence for the kids to draw.

There are many more chalkboard paint ideas to explore. I'd love to hear some of the ways you have used chalkboard paint in your home decor, or outside. Please share in comments.

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