20 Tips for Surviving Your 20's ...


Every young woman needs tips for surviving their 20’s. No doubt it is a tough time in any person’s life. Sometime in your 20’s you go from being an irresponsible kid to a full grown adult. There are ups and downs, mass confusion, pure joy, utter humiliations, and hysterical fun. With the help of these tips for your 20’s you could come out the other side relatively unscarred. But if you ignore them, all I can say is I wish you well.

1. Budget

You need to set a budget for yourself, there just isn’t any way around it. Also be sure to keep it updated, making a budget once and never going back to make adjustments is the same thing as having never made one in the first place. If you are ever in your life going to make horrible financial choices it’s going to happen during the early years of adulthood. All I can say is, “Budget, budget, budget!” Maybe those bad financial choices will be less gruesome.

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