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7 Ways to Make the Most of Your 20s ...

By Vladlena

Now that you are twenty, you are no longer a teen and before you know it you’ll be entering your 30s! This decade matters, it will define who you are and potentially produce some of the best experiences you will ever receive. Now is the chance to find yourself, really ponder what you want to achieve in life and, of course, have fun! Remember, you’ll never get these years back and this is the point in your life when you are allowed to do something out of your comfort zone!

Table of contents:

  1. Do something spontaneous and crazy
  2. Experiment with your looks
  3. Break things off with people who bring you down
  4. Get the body you’ve always wanted
  5. Start building up your future career
  6. Pick up a language, learn something new
  7. Date, fall in love and out of love

1 Do Something Spontaneous and Crazy

You are now old enough to practice independence, make your own money and choose how to spend it, so make sure you are making the right financial decisions. A good chunk of what you earn should go into your savings and the rest should be spent on experiences instead of material things! For example, plan a spontaneous trip with your friends, check something off your bucket list and explore as much of the world as possible before you are tied down by your job and family responsibilities.

2 Experiment with Your Looks

Transitioning from a teen into an adult is a big step, and it should be reflected in your appearance. As you grow and find new inspirations, your fashion sense will change and you might pass phases that you’ve had in the past. But really, take this time to experiment with how you look. If you want to dye your hair bright red, dye it red, if you want to wear overalls, go ahead!

3 Break Things off with People Who Bring You down

Hey, now that you are in your 20s, there is no time to deal with people who bring drama into your life. Cut them loose! It might be hard at first due to history that you might have shared but in all honesty, there are so many other unique individuals out there who will change your perspective on life and make an impact on you that keeping people who hold you back around isn’t worth it. Go out and party, become more social, meet new people and join new networks!

4 Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted

If you have always been insecure about the way you look or just want to lead a healthier lifestyle, take this time to find a workout that you love and stick to it! Be a little more selfish and dedicate a fraction of your time to work on yourself. As you get older, your metabolism decreases so transforming your body can get a lot harder. Don’t miss your chance to get quick results!

5 Start Building up Your Future Career

If you already have a career path in mind or an interest that you want to pursue, you can start getting experience in that field. Sign up for classes that interest you the most and spend your free time interning or doing research. The more you get exposed to the professional working environment, the sooner you’ll figure out what it is you want to do in life and what career goals you want to achieve.

6 Pick up a Language, Learn Something New

Although children are the ones who pick up languages just like that, you are still young enough to immerse yourself in a new culture and maybe become proficient in a new language! But if learning languages is not your thing, pick up something else! Learn about something you know least about and read as much as possible.

7 Date, Fall in Love and out of Love

Dating is part of life and you’ll probably be doing a lot of that right about now. You’ll fall in love and fall out of love, break someone’s heart or get your heart broken - but hey, dating is a learning experience within itself. You’ll gain insight and experience in relationships, and realize what qualities you hope for in a significant other for future purposes. Just remember to have fun!

Your 20s are a strange period in your life, both terrifying and exhilarating! But you should make the most out of it, so you look back and have no regrets about what you should have done. This is the turning point in your life, so make it count!

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