21 Things People Are Doing Tonight to Have a Better Tomorrow ...

By Neecey

21 Things People Are Doing Tonight to Have a Better Tomorrow  ...

Having a great pre-bedtime routine can make a real difference to every tomorrow and every day for your health and well-being. Nighttime health isn’t just about getting a good sleep – although that’s essential – it’s also about how you get to sleep and how you wake up. Do these things tonight for a better tomorrow:

1 Make a Healthy Dinner – Focus on Something You Want to Increase or Improve Such as a Food Rich in Omega-3 or Vitamin D

2 Eat Your Dinner Slowly so You Know when You Are Full

3 Sip a Glass of Red Wine to Increase Bone Strength and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack

4 Prepare Overnight Oats for a Healthy Nutritious Breakfast

Recipes here: buzzfeed.com

5 Pack Your Lunch Ready for Tomorrow

Ideas here: greatist.com

6 Make Your Own Energy Bars or Bites so You Have a Healthy Snack for when You Hit the Gym

Recipes here: 35 Energy Bites You Can Easily Make Yourself ... @Neecey

7 Meditate for at Least 10 Minutes

8 If You Work out in the Evening do It at Least 3 Hours before Bedtime so You Wake up Refreshed

9 If You’re Going to the Gym Tomorrow, Pack Your Bag Tonight

10 Write in Your Journal – Especially if You’re Keeping a Food Journal

11 Don’t Eat Late Night Snacks That Are No Good for You

12 Have a Square of Dark Chocolate to Lower Your Blood Pressure and Keep Fatigue at Bay

13 Have a Cup of Green Tea to Boost Your Metabolism

14 Clean off Your Makeup – Properly

15 Do a Light Yoga Routine or Gentle Stretches for 15 Minutes before Getting into Bed

16 Drink a Glass of Water for Healthy Body, Skin and Hair

17 Have Sex before You Go to Sleep Because It Will Beat Stress and Boost Your Immunity

18 Go to Bed an Hour Earlier to Ensure You Get 7-8 Hours Shut Eye

19 Set Your Alarm an Hour Earlier so You Can Squeeze in a Workout or Avoid the Crushing Morning Commute

20 Turn off ALL Your Tech for a Better Night’s Sleep

21 Repeat Your Favorite Positive Affirmation before You Go to Sleep

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