8 Avenues for Finding Inspiration ...

By Alison

8 Avenues for Finding Inspiration ...

Finding inspiration can be achieved in the oddest of ways. Are you in desperate need of some new ideas for creative work, or do you simply want to come up with some ideas for making changes in your life? You can be inspired in all sorts of ways. Here are some amazing avenues for finding inspiration …

1 Daydreaming

One of the best ways of finding inspiration is a simple one: just lay back and start daydreaming. Let your imagination roam free. Let whatever thoughts come along into your head, however random they may seem. You may find that something just pops up and sets off an inspiring idea.

2 Books

There are lots of books that can provide you with inspiration. They can be fiction, self-help, biographies or travel books – any genre may trigger off an amazing idea for a business, future plans or creative thoughts. Try wandering around the aisles of your local library and just picking up books at random.

3 Friends

Friends can be a wonderful source of inspiration. The good thing about enlisting outside help is that other people can often look at issues in ways that you are too close to see. So if you´re looking for a new career, for example, your friend may see traits that would make you an excellent candidate for a career that you´d never considered.

4 Anywhere

You can be inspired anywhere, at any time, by anything. It really is amazing how the most casual remark can set off a new train of thought that had never occurred to you before. Keep a notebook with you, and snap pictures of anything you see that you find interesting – you may be able to use it for future inspiration.

5 Disconnect

When searching for inspiration, it´s often a good idea to completely disconnect. Thinking too hard can be counterproductive. Are you having trouble coming up with ideas for work projects? Take a break, go for a walk, and come back to the job fresh. You may find that something occurs to you while you´re switched off.

6 Relaxation

Have you ever noticed that some pretty random ideas can pop into your head when you´re relaxed? Looking for inspiration doesn´t always yield results, so if you´re stuck for ideas, try laying back and relaxing. Switch your brain off and let whatever happens happen.

7 Successful People

If you prefer active methods of finding inspiration, then use other people as a starting point. Do you admire any business people or creative artists? Try to learn something from their methods and achievements, and use what you learn to generate your own ideas.

8 Thought Chain

Finally, another way of being inspired is to create a chain of thoughts (also known as a mind map). Write down whatever occurs to you, or draw a map connecting all the ideas you come up with. As you think of each new idea, it will lead to others, and you´ll end up with lots of different plans and inspiration.

You can be inspired in so many ways, so don´t give up if you´re short of ideas. Try some of these suggestions and see what comes up. We all have lots of possibilities inside us, so let your imagination go to work and locate that hidden inspiration! What´s your favourite method for finding inspiration?

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