30 Ways to Help out in Your Community ...


30 Ways to Help out in Your Community ...
30 Ways to Help out in Your Community ...

We all want our local communities to be healthy and happy, and a nice place to live. Nobody wants to live in an area where nobody cares about anyone. Well, it’s not going to happen on its own. It’s up to everyone to help in the community. Deciding to serve the community could be a revolution or you could be joining an already established community organization, but either way it’s going to improve where you live. Here are just 30 ways in which you can help in the community. They are suitable for a whole range of ages and provide a myriad of ways in which you can aid your community. Read on to find out more!

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Teach Children to Read

Reading is a valuable skill and is essential to succeeding within the modern world. Volunteer or set up a program where you can teach the children of your community to read.


Serve Food to the Homeless

Aid your community by volunteering to serve food at a homeless shelter. They are always looking out for willing helpers.


Clothe the Homeless

You can also help out your local homeless shelter by donating more than just your time. Organize a clothing drive and pick up any garments from your neighbor’s houses. It really can make a difference!


Seasonal Blues

Help in the community by raking leaves and shoveling snow for any elderly residents. Not all of them are able to do it themselves so it can be a great boon to them and will also reduce the risk of accidents.


Technology Teacher

Countless programs have been rolled out across the nation to teach our elders how to use computers and mobile phones. If one of these programs isn’t available in your area then you could think about starting one.


School Run

Serve your community by taking control of the school run. Allow your neighbors to get to work on time by taking their children to school on a morning or picking them up after school. If you’re filling the car, it saves on energy too, so it’s a nice green way to help the local area and contribute to saving the planet.



Babysitting doesn’t just have to be the realm of local teenagers. If there is a shortage of sitters then volunteer your time. Even taking them over to your house to let their parents have some peace and quiet can be a great idea!



People of all ages can teach English or Mathematics to a student who might be struggling. Consider teaching a young child basic grammar or how to do their times tables.


Plant Flowers

One way to help your community is to plant some flowers in areas that may be lacking some color. Check the rules before doing this as some local governments may require residents to obtain permission if they want to plant anything on public land.


Give Blood

When you donate blood you are not only giving something back to your local area. Do more than serve your community, serve the nation by becoming a regular blood donor. There’s a shortage of donors!


Become a Spokesperson

Communities often fall into disrepair due to a lack of a voice. Become a spokesperson and help your community by raising key issues with local representatives.


Toy Donations

What have you got lurking in closets? Take some of your or your children’s old or disused toys that are still in good condition and donate them to hospitals where less fortunate kids can enjoy them.


Pet Sitting

The cost of purchasing a space in a kennel when going on holiday is significant. Aid your community by offering to pet sit for your neighbor.


Counselor Training

Take a course in counseling and become a beacon of help in the local area. It doesn’t have to take up too much of your time and it can be a way to make sure that help is offered to those who need it.


Clean up

Provide some real benefits by cleaning up any rubbish that has accumulated in your area. Not only does it make your area look better, it prevents rats, mice, and other pests from making it their home.


Book Donor

Libraries are crying out for books. Once you have read a book take it to the library and donate it. It can save the library a lot of money in costs and can potentially keep it open in the long term.


Support the Troops

Send a care package to troops who are on active duty. They won’t get many of the comforts of home and it can provide a real morale boost for them. Organize a campaign and it can provide a boon to the families of troops in your community.


Simple Things

A simple thing like holding a door open for somebody can make a difference. It’s amazing how simple acts of kindness can make a person’s day.


Charity Run

Run a marathon and gain sponsors for a local charity. It won’t just help your community, it might even create a desire for more people to get involved in the run next time, benefitting charities even more.


Become a Coach

Serve your community by promoting a fit and healthy style. Become a coach and encourage children to get involved in sports. Let’s be honest, the people of America definitely need more sport in their lives!


Be Responsible

There’s a lot of talk about going out of your way to help, but you should always start with yourself. Practice what you preach by being responsible, following the laws, and generally just being a respectful and well-mannered citizen. Too many people forget how to do this.



Don’t just lead the support in the community, listen to it. Too many people are frustrated about being kicked to the curb, listen to those who are crying out for a voice.


Local Economy

Help your community by shopping within it. Family-owned businesses will often struggle due to the fact that people shop elsewhere in huge malls and retail parks. Changing the way you shop can provide a real boost!


Make Christmas

Families who have fallen on hard times won’t be having a happy Christmas. Show community spirit by getting together and buying presents for a family who has ended up in a shelter.



Make sure your rubbish doesn’t damage your local area by recycling. Aid your community in this way and you could be encouraging your friends and relatives to recycle as well.



Littering is the bane of many communities throughout America. Instead of just cleaning it up, encourage people not to litter in the first place.



Gossip and hearsay is one of the most damaging things in any community. It can split streets down the middle and promote an unhealthy atmosphere. Don’t be a gossip and discourages others from passing it on.



Help your community by thanking it. If you know of somebody who has gone out of their way to help, reward them for it by baking them a batch of cookies.


Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Don’t just ignore somebody who has moved in. Help them out by organizing a welcoming committee. Aid your community in this way and you are putting in good practices for the years to come.


Goodbye and Good Luck

People who are leaving may have left an impact on the community. Before preparing for the next member of the community, say goodbye to the one who is leaving. Give them a gift basket and encourage people to say goodbye to them in person. It’s a nice thing to do and it makes sure that your area is known as a friendly place to live.

Deciding to aid your community is a fantastic decision but not enough people do it. As you can see, there are a variety of ways in which you can get involved and help your community and honestly, can you say it takes more than a small amount of effort to do any of these suggestions. Just think of the impact if everyone did just one of these things.

There are probably so many more ways to serve your community, so what other ways can you think of? We’d love to hear from you.

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