9 Ways to Really Get Involved with Your Community ...

Get involved with your community! The people and places around you have such a profound impact on you and your well-being. Believe it or not, the reverse is also true. You have the power to change the things and people around you in a positive way. Get involved with your community; change the way you see the world.

1. Volunteer (Anywhere)

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It is no secret that each community has many great organizations that you can volunteer for to get involved with your community. Do you believe that no child, woman or man should ever go hungry? Then head over to your local soup kitchen or food bank. I guarantee that they will appreciate your assistance. Do you feel pain when you pass by the homeless? I do too. They do not just go away once you stop thinking about them, so do your part to help them through the various homeless shelters around you. My point is that we can all do something that can spread love and goodwill throughout our communities.

2. Take Classes

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Taking exercise, art, or any kind of class is a rewarding way to get to know the people around you. You will get to meet people who share your interests. Who knows, you could even make some lifelong friends. Take an exercise class. Take a fancy painting class. Take a psychology class at a community class. It doesn’t matter what you take as long as it is something that will make you happy.

3. Pick a Cause and Fight for It

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Like volunteering, fighting for a cause is essential to making our communities better. If something has affected your life, there’s no doubt that someone, even your neighbor might be going through the same thing. When you stand to fight for a cause, you let everyone dealing with that issue know that they are not alone. Stand up to cancer. Fight inadequate schooling. Stop human trafficking. Fight for what you believe in.

4. Connect with Your Neighbors

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You know those people that randomly decided to live next to you... yeah, your neighbors! Connecting with your neighbors is an easy way to get involved in your community. I mean you never know what it means to them for you to stop and have a five minute conversation with them.

5. Do Random Acts of Kindness

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Do things for others. Point. Blank. Period. There is no need to ask for compensation for every good deed that you do. You don’t need a β€œThank You.” You don’t need to be praised every single time. You don’t even need to tell every one of your good works. Do well for those who cannot return the favor. Your blessing is in your ability to give of yourself.

6. Save the Schools

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There are so many issues that children in public schools face today that they simply should not be facing. It is our responsibility that we, as adults, stand up for their rights. Students should be able to go to school without threats of gun violence. Children should not have to worry about some political agenda that will leave them without all of the facts of our history. Speak up and speak out against the way our school systems are being handled. I just know that someone will hear your voice.

7. Mentor

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Mentoring is a very powerful way to get involved with your community. This past year, I became a mentor to a wonderfully, sweet 10th grader. We meet once a week for about an hour, during which, she just talks and talks about anything at all. You see the point of being a mentor is not to change the mentee, but to listen to them. Any change they make may be inspired by you because you simply listened when no one else would.

8. Have Faith

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Going to church seems to be out of style these days, but I think that is rather sad. I can honestly say that my church family helped raised me into the lady that I am today. These folks are usually ones right by you in your time of need. Stayed connected to your community and join a church or religious organization that fits your beliefs. They may be the support that you have been needing.

9. Offer What You Can

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A really cool way to connect with those around you is to offer what you can. If you are an artist do not let your 9 to 5 hinder your expression to the world. My point is that we should all find ways to put our talents and efforts to good use.

Take charge of your life. Get to know the people around you. Who knows who you can meet! Do these tips inspire you to get up and get out?

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