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7 Ways to Be in Charge of Your Own Happiness ...

By Vladlena

Before you reach your own moment of bliss in life, first you need to know about ways to be in charge of your own happiness. Today many people struggle to remain happy because they get sidetracked and focus on the unimportant things. However, as you grow older you begin to realize that nothing really matters if you are not happy. In addition, you learn that happiness is a choice. So if you are ready to take matters into your own hands, here are several ways to be in charge of your own happiness.

1 Choose Your Friends Carefully

Your state of mind depends on the people that you surround yourself with. Friends greatly affect your outlook on life and the choices you make. Therefore, if you manage to gain an inner circle of friends with positive influence and unconditional support, you will only add on to your happiness. So choosing your friends carefully is one of the ways to be in charge of your own happiness.

2 Find the Right Partner

Relationships can be the source of complete contentment, but they can also be the main ingredients to your destruction. Whether your relationship builds you up or tears you down is completely up to you. At the end of the day, you choose whom to settle with, so think of what you deserve and find someone who can make you completely happy.

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3 Find Your Sanctuary

If you are anything like me, your house is probably your safe haven. No matter how terrible your day might have been, the environment of your own home always makes you feel like everything will be okay. In order to be happy, you always need your own safe haven, some place where you can be at peace, some place where you can feel safe.

4 Choose the Job That Makes You Happy

One piece of advice that we always get once it comes to career choices is to choose something that makes us happy. While it is hard to decipher what really makes us happy, it is important to avoid pressure from family and friends when choosing your path. Although you should always take their advice into consideration, don’t give in to their desires. They are not the ones who have to spend their life doing something they despise, after all.

5 Don’t Let Others Affect Your Happiness

It is easy to let others ruin your mood and bring you down, but it is important to learn how to brush those negative influences off your shoulder. So even if it as small as a rude cashier worker, separate your happiness from their rude remarks!

6 Put Your Family First

In order to be completely happy, you always need a stable core and support to lean on when needed. The only people who will always be there for you for as long as they can are your family members, which is why you have to always put them first. The source of true happiness is a strong family upbringing.

7 Exercise Freedom

There is nothing worse than being confined to one area or to one group of people. Growing up comes along with freedom, and the only way for happiness to penetrate your soul is to use that freedom to find what truly makes you happy. You will never find happiness when you are not exposed to everything that the world has to offer.

The path to happiness is very ambiguous and almost unknown. However, your happiness is completely up to you and you have most of the control over it. What makes you happy?

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