Super Exciting Activities to do with Dad on Father's Day ...


Super Exciting  Activities to do with Dad  on Father's Day ...
Super Exciting  Activities to do with Dad  on Father's Day ...

Looking for some super exciting activities to do with dad on Father's Day? If you don't have anything planned just yet, we've got you covered. For every kind of dad, Reader's Digest has the perfect activity to enjoy and remember forever. From golf to go karts, read on to find the perfect things to do with dad this Father's Day!

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water transportation, fishing, fisherman, angling, recreational fishing, Bond with dad at a local fishing hole or make a weekend out of it at some of America’s best fishing spots. When else do you get to stand side by side and catch up on life while you enjoy the outdoors? Try this neat fishing trick: Use WD-40 to spray your lures. It attracts fish and masks human odor that can scare them off.



race, hobby, vehicle, Forget another gift of golf shirts. Take Dad for a thrill ride. Give him a speedway, a Go-Kart, and a helmet, and watch Dad go crazy with excitement. Look for a nearby Go-Kart track and spend the day zipping around.



games, cyclo cross, race, outdoor recreation, competition event, Let Dad explore his inner warrior. Nothing says "I love you" like a little friendly battle of the generations.


Beer Tasting

, Make dad’s day by toasting him at a local beer or wine tasting event. There's even a no-brainer built-in gift: Bring home some of the day’s best bottles to remember the day for weeks to come. And no need to feel guilty over that beer belly. Did you know that beer is actually good for you?


Amusement Park

amusement ride, amusement park, roller coaster, tourist attraction, sky, Thrilling rides, funnel cake, tacky souvenirs—yes, it's Father’s Day at a theme park.

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ball game, player, sports, indoor games and sports, mouth, They say golf is a good walk spoiled, but not when you spend 18 holes worth of quality time with dad. You can hire a PGA instructor for a series of golf lessons for you and your dad—a great excuse to hang out together, pick up tips from a pro, and improve your game.


Battle Reenactment

grass, infantry, militia, troop, battle, Head to the 19th or 18th century to watch a Civil or Revolutionary War reenactment—and experience a slice of history up close.



baseball player, baseball positions, athlete, baseball, sports uniform, Tickets to his favorite sporting event are pretty much always a winning idea. Many stadiums offer Father’s Day deals--check if they’re offering discounted tickets. Want to be the favorite child? Surprise dad with a splurge of season tickets.



vertebrate, cartoon, screenshot, phenomenon, fun, This year, start a camping tradition. Pitch a tent, start a campfire, swap memories about growing up—it's bonding at its best. Look for a campground near you, pick up the right gear, and go wild.



fashion, service, patient, girl, medical, Spa days are not just for the ladies. If yours is the kind of dad who appreciates being pampered, book him a luxurious massage, hair cut, or professional shave.


Car Show

car, land vehicle, vehicle, motor vehicle, sports car, Is your dad an absolute car nut? Contact your local car clubs to find a nearby show of amazing vintage hot-rods or the latest electric car. Bond over stories of what it was like for him to drive his first car—or recall laughs over what he went through to teach you how to drive.



tourist attraction, landmark, building, medieval architecture, historic site, Check with your local library or historical society and ask if tours are available of their stacks and archives. Many organizations will be happy to show you a behind-the-scenes look at your town's history.



crowd, people, audience, event, festival, What's playing nearby? Check local listings for an outdoor music festival or concert your pop might appreciate. Remember snacks and cold water, plus a clean blanket.



event, Many local art museums have dad-friendly works to look at, but you can also go quirky and try a specialized collection or gallery that he might find more interesting. Or get creative: You could check out a cool art installation in a nearby city instead of doing a more traditional museum.



cartoon, games, fictional character, fiction, art, You can treat dad to dinner anytime. Instead, sign up for a cooking class and experiment in the kitchen. Sur La Table and Whole Foods, as well as your own local grocery store, are good places to start your search.



car, vehicle, motor vehicle, van, mode of transport, Make it a day trip or a weekend getaway! From the coast of Maine to Florida's Key West, June is a great month to get away on a scenic road trip.



photo caption, technology, product, He's given you so much, now it's time for you both to give back. Turn spending time with Dad into a meaningful opportunity to help those in your community.

What's your favorite activity to do with dad on Father's Day? Do you have any special traditions? Let us know in the comments!

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