10 Fun Things to do with Your Dog ...


10 Fun  Things to do with Your Dog ...
10 Fun  Things to do with Your Dog ...

All you dog owners need fun things to do with your dog in your back pocket. They say that a dog is a man’s (and woman’s) best friend, but that dream can only come true if you treat your relationship just like any other friendship in your life. To make sure that your bond with your pet stays super strong, partake in these ten fun things to do with your dog.

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Chill out

photograph, person, black, black and white, man, There is nothing better than settling down on the couch with your dog to eat snacks and catch up on some TV. It brings a whole new meaning to the term Netflix and chill! It's definitely one of the best fun things to do with your dog.


Visit a Lonely Person

dog, dog breed, dog like mammal, dog breed group, snout, Dogs bring joy to everyone they meet, and there are plenty of organizations across the country that can set your dog up with a person in need of some attention. Your pet can really make a difference.


Go Biking

dog breed, dog, grass, dog breed group, lawn, If you have a lively dog, then a great way to exercise the both of you is to go on a scenic bike ride; with you on your bike, and your pup running by your side. Of course, you should always make sure that your dog is comfortable with the pace!


Go Swimming

mammal, dog, swimming pool, vertebrate, leisure, There is nothing more fun than seeing a dog lose its mind with happiness when jumping and playing in water! Find a local, safe, natural swimming area, or use your own pool if you’re lucky enough to have one!


Try Mushing

professional, profession, If you have a big, strong dog like a husky that is always craving activity, then find a hill, a sled, and a rope, and let them wear themselves out by playing as your very own chauffeur!


Let Them Mingle

dog, dog like mammal, dog breed, alaskan malamute, mammal, Most dogs like to spend time with other dogs, so take your dog down to the nearest dog park, and spend a few hours letting him frolic with others. You will end up with some great pics!



mammal, dog, vertebrate, dog like mammal, grass, Most dogs have boundless energy, so a great thing to do that acts as bonding time, and is a beneficial activity, is to take him along with you when you exercise. Dogs love a jog in the park!


Teach New Tricks

dog, dog like mammal, dog breed, mammal, vertebrate, Don’t believe the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! Find something cool online, and spend a few hours trying to get your own pup to master a new skill. It will be a great party trick when the time is right!


Start a Dog Club

dog breed, dog, dog like mammal, vertebrate, nose, If your neighbourhood seems to have a lot of dog owners, then why not start a fun dog club? It’s a great way for your pet to be more social with other animals, and you stand a good chance of making new friends too.


Try Painting a Portrait

dog, dog like mammal, dog breed, pink, vertebrate, Dog owners' phones are filled to capacity with cute photos of their pets, but why not switch it up a bit by trying your hand at painting instead? Dogs are hard to keep still, so the results are usually hilarious!

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