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26 Best Ways to Have Fun when You're Broke AF ...

By Andrijana

What are the best ways to have fun when you're broke? There are so many answers to that question.

Everyone is broke at one point or another, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun. There are loads of things to do that are free. That means you don't have to stay at home just because you don't have any money. Here are the best ways to have fun when you're broke.

1 Take a Free Class That is Offered in Your Area

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2 Window Shop and Relax


3 Spend Some Time with Your Friends Drinking Homemade Coffee

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4 Hike in Nature

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5 Visit a Museum on a Free Day


6 Get Rid of the Stuff You Don’t Use by Purging Your Closets

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7 Make Dinner at Home Instead of Going out

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8 Make Homemade Spa Treatments Instead of Spending Money in Centers

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9 Spend More Time with Your Pets

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10 Learn New Skills by Watching Free Tutorials

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11 Make a DIY Project with Things You Have at Home

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12 Listen to Some Music While You Are Relaxing

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13 Bake a Cake or Cookies

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14 You Can Volunteer Somewhere

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15 Play Music Loud and Dance like No One is Watching You


16 Read on the Internet


17 Take a Free Online Course

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18 Read the Articles on Your Favorite Blog

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19 Be Creative with Your Meals and Start Experimenting

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20 Organize Your Closets

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21 Create Your Own Media Collection of CDs, DVDs and Books

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22 Make a Goal List and Start Achieving Them

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23 Play Monopoly with Your Friends and Family

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24 Go on a Picnic Somewhere and Spend Great Time Together with Your Family

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25 Make Gifts Using Your Craft Supplies

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26 Clean Your House

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