6 Awesome Ideas for Having Fun at Home when You Have No Money ...


6 Awesome Ideas for Having Fun  at Home when You Have No Money ...
6 Awesome Ideas for Having Fun  at Home when You Have No Money ...

They say money can't bring happiness and I totally agree with that. Here’s the thing though: it definitely makes our lives easier. There are many cases when you may find yourself feeling stressed or miserable about not having enough money. The scenarios are countless: you may be unemployed, there may be some problems with your salary, or simply you spent it all and now you can’t afford even the simple things in life. So here are some ideas about spending time at home so as to cheer up.

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From reading classical novels to reading bestsellers that have been adapted into movies, there is a wide range of topics, genres, and authors to choose. ‘’Reading a book is like traveling’’. It’s not a process just to spend your time; it improves our critical thinking and activates our imagination. Books can always take you somewhere else when you simply have to stay where you are. What’s more, if you are fond of technology you can use your tablet or other digital apps to read books in a digital form.


Watch Movies

If you are not the bookworm type ( like I am) movies can really work for you. Read a magazine, research, learn about film genres or TV series that may be of interest and make a movie list that you are going to watch. Simple as that! Prepare your popcorn and you are ready to relax in your home cinema.



Exercising is not always about going to the gym. You can always search online videos and work out at home. You can actually benefit from exercise from home and there are no excuses for the bad weather or the distance from your house to the gym. Trainers on and start!


Indulge Yourself

You can try a beauty routine at home to feel refreshed and beautiful. It can be with the natural ingredients that there are in your house. For instance, you can try making a scrub by mixing your shower gel with 2 spoons of sugar and olive oil; it will make your skin hydrated and soft as silk. Extra bonus: by creating your own beauty products you save money.


Don’t Stay Home Alone

Invite your friends at home to enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine etc. You can also organize a movie night or relaxing get together on your balcony or in the garden. Remember that it’s not the place, it’s the people and moments that make you feel happy.

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett

Take up a Hobby

Painting, hand-made jewelry, writing, creating your own personal blog, learning a language. ..,are just some ideas for committing yourself to something new. You should be open to new ideas, take up challenges, set goals, and feel creative. Besides, you may discover a hidden talent or you may even make money from it. For instance, one friend of mine started creating jewelry for herself and since she was so good at it, she started selling it.

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