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Fun New Hobbies to Try This Year ...

By Deeceebee

Something that we should all do, no matter what age you happen to be, is to try to make sure that every new year of your life is a year that is filled with at least a few new and different things. Life is way too short to spend each month doing exactly the same stuff again and again, it is much more worthwhile to spread your wings and broaden your horizons in a whole host of ways! The first place to start is by thinking about the sorts of activities that can fill your time. Here are some fun new hobbies to try this year!

1 Wild Swimming

Going to the gym pool is fine for working out, but there is so much more to be gained from trying out wild swimming! Not only does it stimulate your imagination and unlocks a little bit of childish excitement and energy, but it also gives you a great boost of vitamin D from being outdoors rather than under the glaring lights of an indoor swimming environment.

2 Ballet

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be amazing at ballet to enjoy doing it! We can’t all be Darcey Bussell, but that doesn’t mean that you should feel unable to try your hand at the exercises and poses that make up the beautiful dance form. There are classes for all levels of difficulty and experience, so don’t be afraid to give it a go!

3 Bouldering

Who needs a treadmill or Stairmaster when you can rock climb instead? The rise in popularity of bouldering and climbing centres has been a huge trend over the last few years, and it can be really exhilarating to have the excitement of trying to conquer a crazy wall in the safety of a controlled environment.

4 Budgeting

Rather than thrill seeking, maybe your new hobby for this year can be finally getting the hang of budgeting! The older you get, the more serious you need to be about your savings, so it is important to learn how to both treat your present self and your future self at the same time with sensible spending.

5 Sign Language

Learning sign language can be so fulfilling, especially if there is someone in your life who uses it as their primary form of communication. It’s also an amazing skill to be able to add to your CV!

6 Read More

Take your eyes off the TV for a bit and do some more reading this year. Some of the world’s best new stories are being told on the page rather than the screen, so you don’t want to miss out!

7 Stand up Comedy

Do you have a natural talent for making your friends laugh? The prospect of performing in front of strangers is scary but if you can tell a good joke or a funny story you could have an audience eating out of your hand. Try an open mike session or an improv show.

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