12 Fun Things to do to Have the Best Weekend Ever ...


12 Fun  Things to do to Have the Best Weekend Ever ...
12 Fun  Things to do to Have the Best Weekend Ever ...

Yay! The weekend’s around the corner, and for once, you have no commitments with your family. That means you're probably looking for fun things to do on the weekend. A blissful two days and three nights await you. You just have to decide how to spend them so you get the very best out of them. Here are some fun things to do on the weekend. You're going to love them all!

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Go to a Spot You’ve Never Been to

swimwear, sun tanning, vacation, sea, beach, Instead of getting stuck in the same routine and going to the same places over and over again, try something totally new. Not a beach lover? Go the beach! Lounging in the sand is one of the bestt fun things to do on the weekend.


Go to an Art Gallery

art, painting, artwork, recreation, Looking at art is inspiring. It opens the mind and stimulates the senses. You will feel visually suffused after visiting an art gallery. Who knows, you may even want to start investing in art!


Look at the Stars

sky, nature, atmosphere, night, astronomical object, Instead of going out at night with your head down, look up. If it’s a clear night, you may be able to see the stars! Don’t know what stars you’re looking at? Google it.


Go to an All You Can Eat Buffet

finger, performance, For once, forget about calories and eating healthy and go on an eating splurge! It’s the weekend, after all!


Binge on a TV Series

girl, finger, abdomen, Lie in bed the whole weekend and watch three seasons of a series. Don’t forget popcorn, chips, and chocolate. If you choose a weepy program, remember the tissues.


Smell Nice

skin, face, lip, pink, eyebrow, Perfumes, soaps, body salts, body lotion – arguably a girl’s best friends. Go on a smelling nice spree. Visit some shops and spray yourself with all their testers. Splurge and buy some delicious smelling bath salts and then luxuriate it a long bath.


Get a Full Body Massage

arm, chest, girl, trunk, abdomen, Treat yourself to an hour or an hour and a half of being gently pummelled, having all those stress nodes released, and muscles relaxed. Allow yourself to fall asleep on the massage table.


Read a Book

library, Yes, really. There’s so much to keep up with on social media, these days and it may be a long time since you’ve actually read a book from cover to cover. Spend the whole weekend reading a novel!


Phone an Old Friend

vocal coach, girl, singer, singing, audio, We all lose touch with friends, but some still have a special place in our hearts. Is there someone you’ve been thinking about who’s perhaps moved away and you haven’t kept in touch with? Give her a call. Catch up on the last few years of your lives.



floor, joint, flooring, shoulder, leg, Get out in the fresh air for a brisk walk. Borrow a dog if you don’t have one, and go on a long hike. Or join a yoga in the park activity. Just don’t go to the gym! This weekend, make it compulsory to do all your exercise outdoors.


Shave, Tweeze and Moisturize

girl, Spend the weekend (or part of it at least) getting your body and hair in shape. Tweeze those eyebrows and any stray nipple hairs. Shave or wax all the bits that need it done. And apply a deep moisturizer to every part of your body.


Invite Friends over for Dinner and Cook

girl, product, fun, socialite, Been a long time since you had people over? Why not call up a few friends and plan a special meal? Dig up those old recipe books of yours or go online to choose something delicious that requires a lot of preparation and ingredients. Go shopping to buy all the ingredients. Turn on the music and cook to your heart’s content. Lay a beautiful table, and enjoy the fruits of your labor with friends.

Bon weekend!

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