10 Great Ways to Upcycle Globes ...


Ways to Upcycle Globes are great projects for sprucing up your home. We have featured here map decor ideas and it was only a matter of time before I give you ways to upcycle globes. So here we are. Let me just tell you that I'm quite excited abut this. I might just run off to my fave thrift shops and hoard globes after I click publish. Hope you like these globe upcycling projects!

1. Giant Clock

Giant Clock

What a fun way to upcycle globes! Won't this be great for the library in your house? This is the only project here that will require you to buy more than one globe. I'm sure you can find a flea market somewhere that has a good collection of vintage globes. Just make sure that you find ones of uniform size.

Spring Globe
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