15 Insanely Easy Easter Basket Ideas for Men ...

I find these great Easter basket ideas for men incredibly useful. When you’re trying to put together a fun Easter basket for a man, it’s hard to come up with something other than the plain old jelly beans and egg-shaped goodies in a basket full of Easter grass. I find it especially hard because my husband hates candy (crazy man). I hope these Easter basket ideas for men will help you find something perfect for the man in your life!

1. Movie Lovers

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If your man is a movie lover, you have it made! Dollar Tree sells big plastic red and white popcorn tubs (exactly the one that is in the picture). Fill that up with a couple of movies and surround them with boxes of skittles, snow caps and other movie theater type candy. Throw in a few packs of popcorn and you have yourself one of the best Easter basket ideas for men!

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