13 Cute & Creative Gift Ideas for Your Friend's 21st Birthday ...

Turning 21 is such a huge part of someone’s life that it requires you give the best gifts for a friend's 21st birthday. Gifts for a friend's 21st birthday can range from drinking related to a meaningful DIY gift. With all of my friends recently turning 21, here are some of the gifts that I have given them to help them celebrate this huge milestone.

1. Painted Wine Glass

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Just like most gifts for a friend's 21st birthday, this gift revolves around drinking. A painted wine glass is a cute, classy, and commemorative way to celebrate your friend reaching legal drinking age. You can buy them with a variety of decorations, or if you are artistic, try painting one yourself so you can personalize to the fullest extent. And make sure you give it to her the day before she turns 21 so she can use it during all of her birthday celebrations.

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