7 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girl Friend ...


7 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girl Friend ...
7 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girl Friend ...

If you're like me there are tons of friends with birthdays coming up in the next few weeks, so now is the time to think about some birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend. I like to call the spring and summer months the season of birthdays! My best friend's, my sister's and no less than 13 of my girlfriends' birthdays are coming up soon! It seems that so many people have a rough time figuring out what gifts to get their guy friend, but thinking of birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend could be just as difficult, especially when you have to get gifts for more than one girlfriend! Below is a list of a few birthday gift ideas, check it out!

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Smell Goods

Smell goods, such as lotion, perfume, and body wash, are very popular gifts, especially smell goods from Bath and Body Works! I love that place! It seems cliche, but girls love it! If you don’t want to get the typical Sweet Pea or Warm Vanilla Sugar scent, try something new! You don’t even have to get lotion or body wash! You could get candles, car fresheners, air fresheners, lip gloss, hand sanitizer or massage oil! These are all great birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend. If you can’t choose one, I’d say go with a fresh bamboo or earthy scented candle.


Gift Basket

I love gift baskets! They’re perfect birthday gifts! If you can’t find a basket with everything you want in it, make your own! Gather up different types of candy, make-up, or bathing essentials, assemble them nicely in a container or basket, and wrap it up! I made my Mom a gift basket last year! She loves movies, so I bought a movie, popcorn, Mike & Ikes, and other movie theater candy, put them all in a vintage popcorn bucket, and wrapped it with clear paper! She absolutely loved it! Find out your friend’s interests and make her a basket with that theme!



If your friend loves pictures and/or scrapbooking, a scrapbook is a great idea! If your friend loves looking at pictures, you could fill a scrapbook or photo album with tons of pictures of the both of you and your other friends. If your friend is creative and likes to scrapbook, you could give her an empty scrapbook, stickers, and other scrapbooking materials! She’d love it!


Video Games

Girls are gamers too! Sometimes society forgets that both men and women have gaming consoles, and love to play video games! Video games can be a little expensive, but if you can afford it, and your friend is raving about Call of Duty, the Sims, Just Dance, Star Wars or Minecraft, by all means, go for it!


Gift Cards

Gift cards can be great birthday gifts, just make sure your friend shops at that store! Don’t get a Forever 21 gift card just because you shop there all the time. If your friend only shops at Express, that’s where you should get the gift card.

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Girls' Night

Do you have several groups of girlfriends that aren’t well acquainted, but you wish you could hang out with them all at once? Your friend is probably thinking the same thing! Contact your friend’s other close friends and family, and surprise her at a restaurant or something! Having all of her best friends around on her special day could be amazing! However, you must be extremely careful with this one! Sometimes friends don’t introduce other friends for a reason! Ask her family and other close people around her to make sure she’ll be okay with all of her friends together. If there’s even a hint of disapproval or possible drama, abort the mission, and just get together with the group to which you belong.


Quality Time

One of the best birthday gifts you could give your friend is quality time! Birthdays don’t always have to be loud and lively, you could take your friend to a restaurant, have dinner at your place, go for a bike ride or even sit outside in the sun and reminisce! Your friend will appreciate you finding time in your busy schedule to spend quality time with her on her birthday.

Although this is by no mean a comprehensive list of birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend, and every single idea isn't fit for everyone, you could definitely use a few ideas and modify them to fit the ideal gift for your friend! Do you have any other birthday gift ideas? Please do tell! I'm going to need a few more for all of my friends' birthdays this season!

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It was my birthday on Monday and my little sister gave me a gift bag full of goodies. Mini bottle of rosé, little bag of chocs, face masks, and a homemade body scrub in a snazzy decorated jar. It was brilliant and the thing that jumped immediately into my mind was how thoughtful it was. My favourite wine, favourite chocs and she had researched what was best for my skin type! :0) x

I made a gift basket like the one she mentioned for my boyfriend last year. It was a movie themed one, so I put in a couple $5 movies and some candy and popcorn and he loved it! Best thing was how affordable it was

Do a spa day on the cheap! Look for a nice/fancy salon that has RMTs so you can claim it on your insurance.

The girls in the photo are so skinny!!!

My best friends birthday is the days before mine so i need to get her something very special!

I like it :)! Can you do one for boyfriends too please?


These are all things I've done and they're really good haha

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