8 Items to Put in Care Packages for Soldiers Overseas ...


8 Items to Put in Care Packages for Soldiers Overseas ...
8 Items to Put in Care Packages for Soldiers Overseas ...

Here are a few suggestions for items to put in care packages for soldiers overseas in case you have a military member in your life! These items are all easy to ship, and most guys or girls overseas would be thrilled to receive any mail, but especially care packages. Don’t forget you can always ask if there are specific things that the soldier would like to receive, but here are a few general ideas of what you can put in care packages for soldiers overseas!

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Cards and Pictures

One of the biggest hits to put in care packages for soldiers overseas are cards and pictures! Letters are good too. I always include a letter and a picture in every package I send my husband when he is overseas. Coloring pages or drawings by kids are also enjoyable for the soldier.



Any kind of candy is usually appreciated! Since soldiers are limited on what they can get overseas, candy is a big request. Send lots of variety, and then there will be more for the sharing! Many soldiers will also hand out candy to the local kids if they have the chance.


Little Trinkets

Why not fill a box with little trinket type toys? Even something that only holds your attention for a few minutes could provide entertainment in some boring down time. Fill up a box with different things like playing cards, Rubix Cubes, jacks, ping pong paddles and balls, crazy string, hand held electronic games, crossword puzzles, markers, Silly Putty, and whatever else you come across in the toy aisle!


Baked Goods

Home baked goodies will be loved by all, I guarantee it! Choose something that doesn’t need refrigeration, such as cookies or brownies. Under bake your goods by about 1-2 minutes. Wait until the baked goods are completely cool to package them up. If they are even the slightest bit warm, condensation will cause moisture and encourage mold growth. Put the baked goods into a Ziploc baggie and seal it tightly, squeezing out all the air. Then, put the bag inside an airtight container. This will further preserve freshness and prevent the baked goods from being crushed!



Any type of non-perishable food like chips or cookies or other snacks are great to toss in a care package. Depending on where the soldier is located, some items may not be available! Try to send a few different kinds of variety, and then there is plenty to share or hoard away!


Personal Care Products

Since soldiers don’t have a lot of extra time to shop when deployed, personal care products will come in handy. Things like soap, razor heads, shaving cream, toothpaste, and deodorant are good for men, for women consider body lotion, shampoo, non-aerosol hairspray and feminine care products. Even items like socks, underwear, Band-Aids, Q-tips, cotton balls, or other such items will come of use to deployed soldiers!


Things Reminiscent of Home

One of the biggest things that soldiers deal with while overseas is being homesick. Send things reminiscent of home, such as a favorite blanket or pillow, a beloved pair of sweats, or a couple of photographs of favorite places. You could send newspaper clippings, comic books, or magazines that the soldier would enjoy. Anything to remind them of home!


Homemade Items

Nothing says, “I care about you” like a homemade item. Baked goods and cards are a great start, but you could go a little further and make something like a scrapbook, a blanket, or a pillowcase. If you aren’t very crafty, consider having an item handmade by someone else specifically for the soldier!

These are a few of the items that are always a hit with deployed soldiers, but you can send other things too! The most important thing is that you are sending them mail. Receiving packages can really boost the morale of deployed soldiers! Anything you send will be appreciated, no matter how small it may seem. What are some of the items that YOU would send to deployed soldiers?

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My husband is in, we'll I'm not allowed to know so it really hard for me to know what to send, he loves my cooking. So I always send him cookies, and brownies and anything he ask for. I sent a pillow case with me on it and washed it in my perfume. When I got my phone call he told me he loved. This is a great post

How do people deal w/weeks away from loved ones, sad huh.

I did all of these n more when my hubby was deployed n I sent two boxes monthly. It was a life saver for hubby to keep him focus n renewed his strength when he needed it the most

Back before iPods and video conferencing I got a recording deck and taped a one sided conversation to send to my hubby in Basic training. I took it to friends so they could tape hellos also. Phone calls can be far between and you do miss the sounds of your loved ones voices. So sound files or short videos are great. Also send travel sizes of things like wet ones, mouthwash and deodorant; the new uniforms have lots of roomy pockets and getting to those is easier than digging through your ruck sack in a Humvee.

Thank you for this article and thank you all for the comments and @ Pam...you were not rambling cuz I wrote down all the suggestions. I was thinking of what to pack for my daughter and wasn't sure where to start since this is her first deployment again I thank you guys very much.

great ideas! When my brother was deployed one item he always asked for is wipes! Like wet ones or even the baby wipes. he said it was useful becuz they couldnt always access soap and water. also non perishable food as mentioned...my brother always asked for slim Jim's

My daughter will be in Afghanistan until December...it is not easy believe me but that was her decision to join in serve her country therefore she has my full support and it does help to communicate constantly via voxer, viber, and I made her promise to stay in touch everyday even if it is a text saying goodnight.

Really great list, when sending baked goods I found putting a slice of bread in the Tupperware container helps. There are some really cool subscription boxes you can send as well... Just make sure they send to apo/afo. Man crates does. I've sent games, single use drink packages, food (junk and healthy options)... I've also done the theme box thing (movie theme (popcorn, twizzlers, mike and ike, junior mints, etc...) and you can set up a Skype date to watch the movie together on iTunes). I've made a countdown calendar with pictures of the two of us, a talking picture frame, I've also done boudoir pictures... Sorry, I'm rambling lol

This warms my heart all these great things to send to loved ones and also the other solders

I just bought comic books for my boyfriend to send him

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