11 Cute Craft Projects Using Cupcake Liners ...


Craft Projects using Cupcake Liners are all sorts of cute. Because cupcake liners come in many fun designs and colors, the DIY adventures you will have with them will no doubt result to adorable home decor and accessories. The craft projects using cupcake liners we have gathered here are not only cute, they are easy, too. These will make for fantastic party or wedding ornaments. So go ahead and hoard cupcake liners the next time you visit the craft store. These cupcake liner craft projects are waiting just for your touch of creativity.

1. Pretty Pins

Pretty Pins

This is a craft project using cupcake liners that is incredibly easy to do. Basically, you layer at least 2 liners, add a sticker in the middle, add a pin to the back, and done! These will make great party favors.

Cheerful Wreath
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