Outdoorsy Dads Will Want Everything on This List ...


Guess what, Stalkers? Father's Day is almost here! If your dad's anything like mine, buying gifts for him is beyond hard. Of course, you may need a gift for your husband, boyfriend, brother, best friend – any man in your life who's a great dad deserving of a little celebration on Father's Day! To make it a bit easier to celebrate with the perfect gift, I'm breaking down the dad categories. Here's a list of fantastic, foolproof gift ideas for the outdoorsy dad in your life. Happy shopping!

1. A Triple-duty Cooler is Perfect for Outdoorsy Dads

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Do you know a dad who loves camping? How about fishing? Maybe the dynamite dad in your life just loves to sit around a fire pit, drinking cold beer and playing the guitar. Any outdoorsy dad will love this Personalized Camo Sit N Sip Chair Cooler, which does triple-duty – it's a cooler, obviously, as well as a handy seat and it holds your drink while you're relaxing. It's also totally easy to transport! Not to mention, yep, you can personalize it just for your dad!

A Camp Seat Built for Two
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