66 Best Secret Santa Gifts under $20 🎁 πŸŽ… πŸ’Έ ...


One of the best things about Secret Santa is that you can find super affordable, small gifts under a certain budget that will work for everyone involved.

Here are our top picks for best Secret Santa presents for under an affordable $20!

1. Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool

distilled beverage, liqueur, drink, alcoholic beverage, whisky,

Price: $6 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:

I love the idea and having so many tools in such a small space - I bought this to use in an RV - but the pieces just don't stay together when store.

The slightest tap and it all falls over and apart.2

Just need to have a better way to "snap" the layers together and it would earn the 5 stars.

2. Hammered Head Bottle Opener

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Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:

It's very shiny and heavier than it looks.3

The bottle opener is pretty sturdy grips caps well, but the fin digs into your palm while using.

The corkscrew is functional but a bit short.

But come on, it's a hammerhead shark bottle opener!

These minor issues can be overlooked.

3. Poppin Hot Oven Mitt

finger, arm, hand, organ, leg,

Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:

As a bear, I am often quite frustrated when I see bear-paw themed items that are not anatomically correct.

You see, we have five toes.


So many products only have four.

I feel slighted, cheated, insulted even, that so many companies don't even bother to check basic anatomy.

These however have five, and therefore this product gets the Official Bear Maul of Approval.

4. 50 Year Calendar Paperweight

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Price: $11 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:

I used my imagination with this one.

I mounted it on a nice wood plaque and suspended a model of the Voyager space craft above it.

Now THAT looks cool!

For those interested, the planets are all on the floor of this orb.

In other words, if you look at it from any side, you look through clear glass.

But looking down on it you see the planets on a stary black background.

Look from about a 45 degree angke and you still see the planets and syars but the glass magnifies the fartherest planets.2

Trust me, it looks good and you'll like it.

Neptune is near the edge and a dark blue color.

Uranus is there too.

A blue green color.

The weight alloows my model to hover safely above it.

That was a good idea!

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