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With no shortage of things to do in fall, I have complied a list of 18 activities that you can all do in your own cities, wherever they may be. With a great combination of outdoor and indoor activities for fall, I am sure everyone in your family will approve. My absolute favorite seasons are the chilly ones, with their comfortable fashions, cozy evenings and good excuses to stay inside by the fire. Here is my list of 18 things you must do this fall.

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Visit a Pumpkin Patch

A fun way to spend a crisp afternoon this fall is visiting a local pumpkin patch and literally picking your own. Besides, how much fun is just choosing a pumpkin from a grocery store bin? Something tells me many fun memories will be had at the patch, more so than at any supermarket. Think about picking out pumpkins for each member of the family, too.


Apple Picking

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so I suggest you get to picking apples ASAP. Although this statement has never been proven, I would rather not be the one to test my fate on this one. Visiting a local apple farm can be great fun. Pick apples, sip cider and take a hayride around the farm. This is definitely another one of the fabulous things to do in fall.


Shop Summer Sales

As soon as the weather turns, it’s a sure sign that your favorite stores will begin to clear out their summer fashions. Now be careful with this, don’t by anything that was a trend over the past summer. Buy staple pieces that you can work into your wardrobe, layer for the fall and winter, and bring into next spring and summer. You know the next time the sun shows its beautiful face, we will have new styles to attempt and trends will no doubt change.


Football Game

Whether you know the rules of the game or not, attending a local football game is another fabulous thing to do this fall. Getting in the spirit and cheering on your home team is just what you’ll need to keep warm while you’re there. So get your mittens and be ready to throw your diet out the window for the night. You’re eating stadium food tonight, ladies!


Corn Maze

Most cities I have visit have a corn maze created by a local corn farm. They can be an extremely fun and daring activity to try. Test your navigational skills and put your GPS away… cheaters! Completing a corn maze can be very liberating and gratifying -- that is, if you make it out before dusk. May I suggest packing a sleeping bag?


Spooky Bus Tour

Nothing gets you in the spirit of Halloween quite like a haunted bus tour. Find out what ghosts live in your area and why they are sticking around to cause chaos. Learn more about your city when the sun goes down and enjoy cuddling up to that special someone. Be prepared to pull an involuntary all-nighter, lovelies… You’re going to want to sleep with one eye open this night.


Dancing Lessons

Even if you believe you have two left feet, go out and have fun indoors at your local dance studio. Learn some new moves and get exercise at the same time. Let’s be honest, during the chilly months we all let our diets slip. I blame the cozy voluminous sweaters we all love to wear. Be sure dancing is one of the things you do this fall.



Whether you hit the pumpkin patch, apple farm or corn maze, I am sure you will find a hayride. Park you tushie on some of that itchy dried grass and make some memories. Filled with the evocative scents and sights of the season, bundling up for a hayride is yet another one of the fun and fabulous things to do this fall.


Fashion Week

If you consider yourself a fashionista like I do, you must attend at least one day of your city's Fashion Week. Showing local and international designers, you can take so much from these shows, including upcoming trends and new styles. Supporting local designers is so important, you would really be doing your city a favor. So take this as a “must do" this fall, if not for yourself then for the future of your city. You like how I worked that in there? This is how I explained it to my husband, I had to go for us all.


Nature Hike

Your city, even if it's very busy, does have a quiet side. If you're usually surrounded by glass and concrete, communing with nature is a must. You must make sure you take a hike this fall, if not just so you have a good reason to buy cute new pair of “hiking boots,” then for the simple fact that you may see wildlife, which is really a beautiful thing. Put away your make-up today, go au naturel and enjoy what mother nature has created for us.


Haunted House

If scary isn’t your thing, I suggest skipping this activity altogether. Don’t even toy with the idea or think that another year has passed and maybe you have grown a little stronger. Let me tell you, I’ve tried this thought process and it ends in a screaming terror, running from what feels like a zombie apocalypse. Not a pretty sight. You may even lose a friend or two, due to embarrassment. Attempt this fall activity if you dare.


Fly a Kite

The sun maybe shining but the wind has won this arm wrestle. It’s brisk, and it’s blowing and it’s perfect weather for kite flying. An extremely affordable activity for the fall, this is something you and your family will love doing together. Don’t forget your mittens though! The harder the wind blows, the higher your kite will fly, the more fun you’ll have, and the chillier your fingers will get. Consider this one of the best things to do in fall.


Visit a Farm

You and your family can learn so much from visiting a local farm in the fall. You'll learn everything, from growing vegetables in the cool weather to raising animals to where your local produce is coming from. Visit a farm in your area today and appreciate what your local farmers are doing for you and your family.



The best indoor activities for fall are no doubt in the form of theatre. There are comedy shows, Broadway performances, concerts and so much more. Fall is a great time to tap into your local theatre scene and see what is going on. You may be surprised at what tickles your fancy… a ballet maybe?! That is, if you can talk your husband into going, I’m still working on mine after 7 years.


Fall Festivals

Every city likes to celebrate, and this is probably why most have fall festivals. Who doesn’t like a huge party? Meet new locals and party like you have known them since you were in grade school. This is a fabulous way to get out, meet new people and support local businesses, bands, and restaurants.


Halloween Party

With most parties put on by local bars and clubs, you will no doubt have the time of your life, dressing up and dancing the night away at a local Halloween Party. Don’t forget, single ladies: dress to impress, which means being a naughty form of your current profession or childhood dream. A fun thing to do this fall, which may even snag you a partner with whom to do the other 17 things on this list.


Bike Ride

Your poor excuses about it being too hot to exercise won’t work for you now. It’s perfect weather for you to get out, hop on a bike and pedal like you have never pedaled before. Enjoy your city on 2 wheels and take advantage of not having to pay for parking. Bike to your local sea wall or park or even winery. Memories, on pedals, are waiting to be created, what are you waiting for?


Hot Yoga

My excuse to not go during the summer months is that it’s far too hot outside to be going indoors and sweating my face off. So come fall, this is a perfect activity I love to do. Hot yoga is fabulous not only for the core reason of getting exercise but for flexibility, de-toxing my skin and feeling refreshed. Besides, I save on my heating bill because the last thing I want after hot yoga is to be warmed up.

With so many fun things to do in fall, I hope I was able to enlighten you to at least one other activity. It's a great season for getting out there and having new adventures. Other than the 18 fall activities I have listed, can you share any others I may have missed?

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I like the fashion one ! I'm having a fashion show December 1st at the holiday inn in south gate mi at 7 !! With lia sophia hope you guys can come!!!

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