7 Pros and Cons of Being a Pinterest Addict ...


7 Pros and Cons of Being a Pinterest Addict ...
7 Pros and Cons of Being a Pinterest Addict ...

I've gone through phases of having a love/hate relationship with Pinterest, but as of now I'm a definite Pinterest addict! I'm sure many of you ladies can agree, you love this inspiring and lovely site as well. Having a Pinterest addiction is a common occurrence among family and friends, so written below are some pros and cons of being a Pinterest addict that I think you'll appreciate!

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Pro: Inspiring

Pinterest provides an array of categories that inspire us to dress in a way we hadn't thought of before, to try new recipes, to organize our lives, to be motivated to live healthy and exercise, for DIY projects, for home design tips, and much, much more. It's literally the place to be inspired when you feel stuck in rut! I love it for new haircut/color ideas or for outfit inspiration from stuff I already have. Getting inspired to do, make, or change something is the greatest pro of being a Pinterest addict!


Con: Time-Waster

An unfortunate "consequence" of surfing through the many pages of Pinterest is that it can waste a lot of time. You can become so interested in what your searching for that time can slip away from you and suddenly it's an hour later. Oops! A good way to avoid this is to surf Pinterest when you have free time to do whatever you wish, instead of using it for procrastination purposes.


Pro: You Can Determine Your Personal Style

When you keep pinning different outfits, home decor ideas, or other design-related pins to your Pinterest boards, you can see more clearly what your eye gravitates to! It makes it easier to pick out clothing in department stores or accessories for your home because you have an image in your mind of what you love and the looks you want to achieve. For clothing, you can always tweak those styles to your body type.


Con: It Can Leave You Dissatisfied with Your Own Life

I've struggled with this one. Sometimes I get into the mindset of wanting a lot of things that I see on Pinterest and feeling dissatisfied with the things I already own. When I get to this point, I tend to back off of Pinterest for a while to get back to the center of what's important. Being greedy and ungrateful isn't what's important but being appreciative of beauty and creative with what you do own, is!


Pro: Great for Finding Recipes

I love the cooking and recipe category of Pinterest. I have to follow a recipe when I cook- I'm not innovative at all with food, so finding delicious and healthy meals that are only a few clicks away is perfect! And it's almost like a personal cook book when you have all your Pinterest recipes on one board that you can refer to.


Con: Dead Links

Dead links are so frustrating! When you find a lovely pin for a DIY project, recipe, or organization tip, you can't wait to get all the fun details! Then you go to click the link and sadly find out it goes nowhere, or goes to a totally different, non-related website, or even worse, something inappropriate. All of these have happened to me and it's no fun at all!


Pro: Makes You Want to Organize Everything

Lastly, Pinterest is full of easy, step-by-step links on how to organize pretty much anything. Being organized makes you feel so accomplished, and while I hate the actual organizing process, I love the finished product! If you need to organize, Pinterest is the place for you.

For me, Pinterest has almost replaced magazines because it has all the components of a magazine but without all those ads. For all of you Pinterest addicts, what are your favorite reasons to scroll through this fabulous website?

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I need to spend less time pinning the wonderful ideas and spend the time instead actually doing some of the great suggestions!

There's nothing wrong with Pinterest.i love it. And I actually do most of the stuff I pin. There's plenty of helpful tips and ideas.

I have made some new friends, as well, which is a positive thing. ☺️

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