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It's very important to make yourself aware of the types of selfies to avoid—it's way too easy to whip out that camera phone to take a quick snap, so you might share a self-shot online that you'll later regret after you take a closer look at it (along with the comments that accompany it). So it's probably always a good idea to ponder that pic before you post it. Ask yourself why you're doing it and try to imagine what you would think if someone you knew posted a similar picture online. And remember these embarrassing selfies to avoid at all costs:

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The Drunk Selfie

When it comes to selfies to avoid, the drunk selfie is one of the most dangerous on this list. When you drink, you don't just get beer goggles that make everyone else look hotter—you might also look in the mirror and think that you look like a million bucks. However, the reality is that you've got red eyes, smeared lipstick, and a really goofy look on your face. When you drink, you're also more likely to take embarrassing selfies that seem like fun at the time. However, it probably wasn't the best idea to share that photo of yourself chilling on the toilet in a bar bathroom. Sadly, you also don't look as cool as you think you do posing with that drink in your mouth.


The Sexy Bathroom Selfie

I've noticed that a lot of people like to take sexy selfies in the bathroom. However, the bathroom just isn't a very sexy place. Obvs it's even worse when you manage to snap the toilet as part of your background, and I'm going to try to forget about that internet-famous selfie of the girl who forgot to flush hers while posing in front of it for a bikini pic (barf!). You might also accidentally capture other embarrassing items in your selfie shot, and you definitely don’t want everyone knowing that you're suffering from a yeast infection or hemorrhoids. Well, this was a really gross little post, wasn't it?


The Duckface Selfie

Everyone has pretty much decided that the duckface look isn't sexy. Unfortunately, pushing your lips out as far as you can isn't going to make you look like Angelina Jolie. I'm pretty sure that the intense hatred of duckface has something to do with why it just won't die. Now some people take duckface selfies because they're trying to be funny. However, it's still not a good look, and your duckface photo will just result in a lot of negative comments and eye rolls from your friends.


The Driving Selfie

There are way too many Instagram photos tagged #drivingselfie. Isn't it obvious why this is one of the worst selfies that you could take? You could actually end up killing yourself or someone else by taking your eyes off the road to take a photo. Driving selfies are also embarrassing because most people who see them are going to realize that you're doing something dangerous, and they aren't going to admire you for it. Plus you might be suffering from selfie addiction if you can't take a break from taking them while you're driving.


The Tongue Selfie

Miley Cyrus kind of killed the tongue selfie by constantly sticking hers out. I also found it rather humorous that tabloids were asking doctors to examine the state of her tongue—apparently you can learn a lot about someone based on what their tongue looks like. And if your tongue has some kind of strange coating on it, you probably don't want your friends using Web MD to try to come up with a diagnosis for you. Tongues also just aren't very attractive body parts. Think about it—they're all bumpy and constantly come into contact with saliva and chewed-up food.


Giving the Finger Selfie

You might think that you look like a badass when you give your cell phone the finger. However, Norman Reedus is probably the only human being capable of pulling this selfie off. It's just hard to look like you don't give a damn about your reputation when you're posting selfies on the internet. You'll probably also feel embarrassed by your attempt at badassery later on when that moment of feeling all rebellious has passed. And of course you'll probably have to face a scolding from your appalled mother. You might experience even more mortification if she chooses to do this on your Facebook page for all your friends to see.


The Sad Selfie

I don't want to be too hard on people who are feeling down, but you might want to rethink posting that photo of yourself looking all miserable. If you're feeling sad, why not just call up a friend to tell them that you need to talk instead? Things surely can't be that bad if you're taking selfies and trying to choose your best sad face. There's nothing wrong with wanting a little sympathy, but there are better ways to get it that might be a little more helpful. Learning to talk to people about how you're feeling without them having to ask you what's wrong is a good start.

So when it comes to selfies, always remember that emotions pass. You might feel silly about commemorating that reflective moment a few hours later when you're in a goofier mood. There are definitely moments that deserve commemorating, such as the triumph of accurately copying an amazing makeup tutorial or the moment after you get a great new haircut (you'll never be able to make it look like that yourself). However, you'll save yourself a lot of embarrassment if you learn to be more selective when it comes to selfies. Have you taken any of these selfies, or are there others you wish people would avoid?

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Apart from the driving one I think one should take pics of themselves wherever they want. After all, you post them on your own social media. So by all means, if you want to take a selfie wearing a mini skirt in the snow, do you. Just don't endanger others. Don't under any circumstances use your phone while you are driving.

Theres no pic....

Next time please keep your opinion to yourself because clearly your don't give out good advise. Lol sorry but it's true

For the love of god! Please take as many "selfies" as you want!! I'm so over this site telling people what is and what is not.

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