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I’m a huge fan of yoga, and what better way to show your love than getting yoga tattoos? Personally I don’t have any yoga tattoos yet. I do plan on getting one but I’m still deciding what would be best. Though, I have to admit, these options are pretty inspiring.

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Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower The meditation aspect of yoga is present in each pose, whether or not you tap into it. I’ve seen a lot of yogis with lotus flower tattoos. I am strongly considering this yoga tattoo myself! In Buddhism, the lotus flower signifies fortune. After all, it does grow in an unlikely place. Each color signifies a different meaning so make sure to look that up if you want to get your tattoo in color!



Om Getting the symbol for “om” tattooed is rising in popularity. In yoga, it’s incredibly powerful to hear the yogis chant “om” in unison. It connects every fiber of your being with those around you. And yoga is all about connection. So you might just consider this for your next tattoo!


Om and Buddhism

Om and Buddhism Yoga and Buddhism are closely linked, which is why this kind of tattoo is cool. You could get the face of Buddha in the background of the tattoo, along with the outline of the “om” symbol. Whether or not you decide to get the Buddha in the background or another image that relates to Buddhism is up to you. I think it’s so unique and would make a great yoga tattoo.



Breathe My yoga teacher gently reminds us over the course of our practices to breathe. Your current breath is the best way to be in the moment. So why not get the word "breathe" tattooed on you? It will remind you to breathe in easy times, in challenging ones, and in hard ones. It’s a good mantra to have whether it pertains to your practice or your approach to life.



Hamsa I just recently learned the word for this, actually. This hand-shaped symbol is rich in meaning. It’s supposed to help ward away the evil eye, the ultimate form of protection. It can be found in various religions from Islam to Catholicism. It’s not a solely religious symbol, but the spiritual nature of yoga makes it obvious why this tattoo is inspired by yoga.



Chakras A tattoo of the chakras up your back may be a big commitment but it’s cool as anything! Chakras are points of major energy. This is a good back tattoo because the chakras line the spine. There are various psychological principles related to each chakra. Yoga helps slowly align the chakras and heal the spirit through each pose.


Getting inked with the seven chakras can serve as a dynamic reminder to stay balanced and connected to your spiritual path. The root chakra grounds you, while the sacral chakra taps into creativity. Confidence shines from the solar plexus chakra, with love flowing from the heart chakra. Expressive truths emerge from the throat chakra, whereas the third eye chakra opens the door to intuition. Finally, the crown chakra connects to the divine. Each vibrant vortex can be a visual meditation tool, a personal totem for those who embrace the yogic journey through life.



Namaste The word “namaste” is well-known in the yoga world. It’s the recognition of our relationship to the universe, to ourselves, and to each other. Every yoga practice ends with this mantra. Namaste. So why not get the word tattooed to remind you of your relationship to everything around you?

If you’re looking for a yoga tattoo, look no further! These tattoos inspire my practice both on and off the mat. In fact, they serve as gentle reminders that your practice doesn’t end once you step off the mat. Which one is your favorite? Do you have a yoga tattoo?

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I like all of them but the breathe one, other than that they're great! (Especially OM)

I love the Hamsa tattoo!

All of these tattoos just look un-tasteful to me.

Hamsa looks strange. I wouldnt get something like that

Namaste also means hello in Tamil. :)

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