7 Incredible Tattoo Artists to Consider for Your Next Ink ...


7 Incredible Tattoo Artists to Consider for Your Next Ink ...
7 Incredible Tattoo Artists to Consider for Your Next Ink ...

All of these incredible tattoo artists have different styles and specialities, but they are all guaranteed to give you some ink you'll be proud to show off. When it comes to get a tattoo, it's definitely worth it to spend the extra money to get the best in the business since you'll be sporting your tat for the rest of your life. So while some of these incredible tattoo artists may not be cheap or easy to get an appointment with, it's definitely worth it to try!

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Nikko Hurtado

Nikko Hurtado Believe it or not, the photo above is not a picture of Steve Jobs, but a tattoo by one of the most incredible tattoo artists around, Nikko Hurtado. Nikko began tattooing in 2002 and quickly became a household name. If you are looking to get a portrait tattoo of someone close to you or your favorite celebrity, look no further than Nikko. His speciality is colored portraiture. He has been featured on the tv shows LA Ink and Tattoo Wars, and has also appeared on many instructional DVDs. In 2012, he had the honor of being a jury member for the Chaudesaigues Award - an award that recognizes the career and the artistic choices of a tattoo artist. He works in his own tattoo parlor, The Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, CA. You can request an appointment with him online at nikkohurtado.com


Kat Von D

Kat Von D When it comes to incredible tattoo artists, it doesn't get much bigger than Kat Von D. She is known for her black and white portraiture, but can and will tattoo almost anything! Kat Von D is always booked up and has extremely long waiting lists, but if you're lucky enough to get in with her, it's definitely worth it. Kat was one of the busiest tattoo artists in Los Angeles even before her show LA Ink aired on TLC. It's her attention to detail, vivid imagination, and the way she can bring life into every portrait tattoo that has people banging down her door. If you have always dreamed of being tattooed by Kat Von D simply go to highvoltagetattoo.com and select Kat as your "requested artist" and cross your fingers and hope you hear back!


Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell Scott Campbell (pictured top right) is an artist and tattooist based in New York City. He is known for his list of celebrity clients, most notably Marc Jacobs (pictured above) and Heath Ledger (bird tattoo pictured above). He is known for his fun and creative designs and he's recognized around the world for his abilities. He is known as one of the brightest new voices to hit the New York Art Scene. He owns his own legendary tattoo shop called Saved Tattoo that's located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. To get tattooed by him send an e-mail to scampbellstudio@gmail.com


Mister Cartoon

Mister Cartoon Mr. Cartoon began as a graffiti artist in the 1980s and since then, he has elevated himself to one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in the United States. He is the choice tattooist for rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and Eminem just to name a few. He has also tatted celebrities like Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Christina Aguilera. Many of his tattoos represent strength and faith and are recognized as some of the best in the industry. His shop, Skid Row Tattoo, is located in Los Angeles. He adopted the "Fineline Style" of tattooing, an art which was developed in the California Prison System. If this is your style and you'd like to book an appointment with him, simply visit skidrowtattoo.com


Julie Becker

Julie Becker Julie Becker's work stands out because she has a unique design quality. She chooses to tattoo with your body instead of working around it. She loves solid colors, clean lines, and a traditional approach. If you love eye-catching colorful designs, than Julie Becker is the perfect tattoo artist for you. Her creations are magical! She has been tattooing over 15 years and is one of the best in the field. She is based in Los Angeles and you can e-mail her at juliebeckertattoo@hotmail.com


Corey Miller

Corey Miller Corey Miller began tattooing at just 15 years old. Now he owns his own tattoo shop in Upland, CA called Six Feet Under. Miller's speciality is black and grey portraits and dragon art. He is extremely talented when it comes to free handing tattoos and drawing them directly on the skin as opposed to using stencils. He has tattooed many celebrities including some band members of famous rock bands. To inquire about a tattoo from Corey Miller you can e-mail him at info@sixfeetunder.com



Grime Grime is the tattoo artist that other tattoo artists go to get their tattoos - he's that good! His use of color is phenomenal and he doesn't take short cuts when it comes to detail. He was a graffiti artist before he began tattooing, but other than that he didn't have much of an art background which is hard to believe when you look at his work. He just goes by the name Grime and reveals his real name to very few people. It's hard to go into detail about his work because you just have to see it to believe it! He works at the Skull & Sword in San Francisco. To contact him about a tattoo, visit thesskullandsword.com and fill out the form on the page.

These incredible tattoo artists will give you ink that you'll be proud of for a lifetime. If you're thinking of a new tattoo, it's worth looking into these amazing artists. Which of these tattoo artist's portfolios do you like the best? Would you get tattooed by any of these greats?

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What about Gus, Tommy and Jasmine from tattoo nightmare? Their cover-ups of old and badly done tattoos are awesome.

Can we all stop glorifying Kat Von d. She's not THAT great.. She just happens to be in a career filled with men, so she stands out. Half of these people are on tv and that's the only reason you've heard of them.

Google Dmitriy Samohin, even just looking at photos of his work for reference and inspiration. He has a real gift from God!

Going to send emails today! Been looking for an artist to transform my back to appear as wings emerging-fairy wings

Oh hey! My cousin Julie's in here! Cool

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