7 Easy PhotoShop Tricks for the Best Pictures Ever ...

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, chances are, you could use a few quick and easy PhotoShop tricks to make your photos pop even more. Need to fix a blemish, add a vignette, or add some light? Keep reading! Here are 7 PhotoShop tricks to do all that, and so much more!

1. Lighten an Underexposed Image

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It’s bound to happen: you capture the sweetest, most touching photo ever… and the lighting’s too dark. No worries; one of the easiest PhotoShop tricks is all about making that too-dark photo nice and bright. Use the menu at the top to make sure the Layers box is showing, then click the little button along the bottom of the Layers box that looks like a circle cut in half. It’s the “create new fill or adjustment layer” button. When you click it, you’ll have several options, so choose “Levels.” Now click the drop-down arrow for the box at the top of the Layers box that says “Normal,” and choose “Screen” instead. Wow, that’s brighter now, isn’t it? If it’s a little too bright, change the “Opacity” on the Layers box (upper right corner) to 50%, and work your way up (for more brightness) or down (for more dark) til your image is perfect. That’s it! Just a couple of clicks. Easy peasy!

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