9 Helpful Tips on How to Take Fantastic Photos Everyone Will Love ...


9 Helpful Tips on How to Take Fantastic Photos Everyone Will Love ...
9 Helpful Tips on How to Take Fantastic Photos Everyone Will Love ...

Learning how to take fantastic photos is actually quite easy. Everyone’s a photographer these days, thanks to programs like Instagram, better cameras, better camera phones, and handy, awesome things like iPhones and iPads. If you’re interested in taking better pictures, whether you’re posing for the camera or taking photographs yourself, there are a few key techniques that will make the subject look fantastic! Even if you’re just using the phone on your camera, these fantastic photography tips will help you take pictures that everyone will love!

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Experiment with Eye Contact

If you want to know how to take fantastic photos, you have to begin with eye contact … or a lack thereof. Convention typically states that you need to make full eye contact with the subject (or, if you’re posing, with the lens). However, feel free to play around for a really great picture. Have the subject look off screen or at something within the frame.


Make Use of Your Flash

Some people make the mistake of thinking that the flash isn’t really important, especially in daylight. That’s not at all true, though. A key component of taking better pictures involves not only using your flash to wash away harsh light and lines, but also knowing how far your flash reaches and how sharp its results look.


Think Left of the Middle

Again, typical photographic convention urges models and photographers to make the subject the center of the photo. The thing is that you can miss a lot when you do this. By putting your subject in the left or right of the frame, you can get an amazing photo instead of just an okay one.


Play with Light and Shadows

You can easily figure out how to take fantastic photos instead of just mediocre ones by playing with light and shadows. Using a technique involving chiaroscuro can create really amazing photographs, just play with whatever you have – from Venetian blinds to little scraps of lace or curtains. You’ll be amazed not only at the patterns you can create, but also by the emotions you evoke.


Go Vertical

If you’re just used to taking horizontally aligned pictures, turn your camera so you can snap a vertical shot! This is one of the simplest fantastic photography tips, but it’s also one of the best. Especially when you’re taking a picture of a building, a statue, or something else in the landscape, you’re able to pull in even more background.


Focus on Different Body Parts

Who says you have to focus solely on a subject’s face? Play around and instead highlight a different body part. This is ideal for fashion photography, whether you’re doing clothing, makeup, or just generally fashionably artistic pictures. Check out sites like We Heart It for fun examples. Get a pair of lips, your grandmother’s hands, feet jumping in a puddle!


Keep It Candid

While posed pictures can be beautiful, there’s nothing like a candid shot. Some subjects do better when they aren’t posed, so you’re able to capture a whole new side of them. Plus, of course, you can capture some of the best, most spontaneous moments, and those make fabulous photos!


Explore Different Movements

Activity is great in both posed and candid shots. Catching something leaping, skipping, running, hugging – those pictures can all be amazing! However, always exercise caution – don’t sacrifice safety for the sake of your art!


Play with Perspective

Again, there’s nothing to say the subject needs to be head on all the time. Part of learning how to take fantastic photos is experimenting. Try climbing above your subject for an aerial view. See the world through a new perspective and you can even learn a thing or two about different view points!

The Better Half is excellent in photography, so I’ve got a vested interest in learning how to take fantastic photos. It doesn’t matter whether you’re behind the camera or in front of it, you can take excellent pictures with anything – you’ve just got to have a great eye! If you follow these tips, you can be taking better pictures in no time! Do you have any other techniques to share?

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Agreed. Focusing on different body parts is one of my faves. It's crazy how good a photo of just your feet or just your arms can look!

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