31 Fun Photo Challenge Ideas for Instagram ...


31 Fun Photo Challenge Ideas for Instagram ...
31 Fun Photo Challenge Ideas for Instagram ...

If you love taking photos on your smart phone and sharing them then you might love these photo challenge ideas for Instagram. I just started my first one this month, and I really love getting creative with each photo challenge that is assigned for the day, from what I might be eating, reading, or watching, to different angle perspectives. It’s pretty neat to see what your idea of “from down low” might be from another friend who is following the same photo challenge ideas for Instagram. Follow along with us and hash tag #AWSphotochallenge with these creative photo ideas for July...

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Your Favorite Mug...

For July 1st’s photo challenge idea for Instagram, post a photo of your favorite mug. Every morning I love waking up with a cup of coffee and I have a few mugs that I like to keep to myself. For Mother’s Day my step-daughters gave me a Winnie the Pooh mug with the quote, “It’s the Simple Things that count,” says Pooh. “Like bees, balloons, and honey, or a friendly paw in yours along a path that’s sunny.” It’s my favorite mug and when I drink from it I’m reminded to remember the simple things in life.


Summer Vacation...

Whether you’re on vacation, dreaming of going to Paris, or waiting for the week to be out so you can start, share with us what you’re doing for Summer vacation. I love seeing the fun ideas people come up with even when they stay home for the Summer. There are so many creative things to do without leaving your own backyard, if that’s what your budget calls for. Show us what you’re doing this Summer.


Your Favorite Stuffy...

Through out our lives, from the day we’re born to our first date, we all have some type of cuddly, stuffed animal that someone gave us. Take a photo of your favorite stuffy to compare with everyone what animals we all have. I bet we’ll see more than just a cute little teddy bear as everyone’s stuffies!



In America, July 4th is Independence Day and we’ll be celebrating with fireworks, barbecues and probably beer! But perhaps you are in another part of the world and you’re celebrating a birthday, a marriage, or a new baby. So whether your celebration is for Independence Day or for a family member’s big day, show us how you are celebrating!


Something about You!

It’s really fun to take selfies, but let’s get more creative than that, shall we? Take a photo that is of something about you, something that makes you who you are, or something that inspires you.


Best Part of Your Day...

Snap photos on your phone throughout the day and then go back over them to remember the best part of your day. Share with us that moment that really made you smile.



It would be so neat to see what everyone’s neighborhood looks like. I love seeing historical buildings and different architecture from around the world. Is your neighborhood city-like, more suburban, or are you in the backwoods living the country life?



If you are obsessed with sharing your photos on Instagram like I am, then you’ve probably taken a food photo before. So why not do it again, but this time let’s have some fun with it. Show us what someone else is eating! Okay so don’t go bothering a stranger, but maybe take a photo of your significant other’s meal or your friend's!



What makes your home feel warm and cozy, what makes it feel like home? Snap a photo of something you love about your house that makes it yours and one of a kind.


Guilty Pleasure

Do you have a stash of candy in your bedside table? Or perhaps you can’t get enough of the new TV show Mistresses starring Alyssa Milano? Show us what your guilty pleasure is and we’ll show you ours!



We’ve all had those awkward moments where we wish we could go back to bed and just start the day over. So let’s be awkward together and share that moment on Instagram!


Favorite Number

Do you have a lucky number or just a favorite number that was yours when you played sports? Get creative and show us your favorite number.


Favorite Time of Day

My favorite time of day is nap time! Are you a morning person, a night owl, or just enjoy the middle of the day when you have the most energy? Snap a photo of your favorite time of day and let’s compare to see who is up late at night and who rises early in the morning!



Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh flowers? Well, maybe those who have allergies! But that doesn’t mean they still can’t enjoy the beauty of a garden. Share your favorite flowers with us so we can be reminded of just how beautiful life really is!


Fresh Fruit

Besides flowers, there is nothing more beautiful in the Spring and Summer than fresh fruit! I love going to the farmer’s market and getting fresh fruit and vegetables for the week. They are so colorful and are just such an easy, healthy snack to enjoy.



What does Love mean to you? Show us whom you love, what you love, or who loves you so we can all see just how big this word really is!



Do you work with metal to make your own jewelry, or maybe you’re a fan of this genre of music? Whatever type of metal speaks to you, take a picture and share with us on Instagram.



Just like the word love, the word beauty has so many different meanings behind it. Where do you see beauty, where should we look for beauty? Inspire us on Instagram and open the eyes of everyone to your beautiful world.



What makes you happy? Are you happy on those days where you can finally relax and enjoy a good book? Or are you happy on those days you get to go to work and make someone else’s life better? Make us happy with what makes you happy!


Favorite Movie

We all have our top list of our favorite movies and think that our most favorite film is better than anyone else’s choice. So let’s snap a picture and see if anyone has the same film on the top of their list for the best movie that was ever made!



Some days it’s the only thing I drink, but perhaps water will mean more to you on this day. Are you swimming in the ocean this Summer or fishing on the lake? Show us what water means to you on Instagram and don’t forget to use your hash tag #AWSphotochallenge!



I love handmade shops, whether it’s food, jewelry, or clothing, I love it all! So what do you have that’s handmade?



There are so many different things that can represent this word. Do you have a collection of vintage records or perhaps vintage clothing? Share with us your vintage love so we can all be inspired to find another special vintage piece at the thrift store the next time we go!



Who is playing on your radio right now? Do you have a country love for Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean or maybe Bruno Mars and Mariah Carey are blasting through your speakers?



The freaks come out at night right! Show us what happens after the sun goes down in your part of the world!



Show us what lights up your life and makes your day brighter.



Now that there is video on Instagram why not show us your best dance! Get funky with it and have your friends join in with you.



Are you rocking flip-flops, cowgirl boots, or sneakers? Share your favorite pair of shoes and let’s see who has the best looking pair!



Do you have a box full of nail polish or a closet full of high heels? What is your obsession? What do you have too much of?



Show us your best smile or what makes you smile. Either way, it will be a great photo!



What gets you laughing so hard that you start to cry?

So what are your favorite photo challenge ideas for Instagram? Don't forget to follow us with the hash tag #AWSphotochallenge

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This is a very fun and nice idea! And I might do it! Gives me a mini project every day in July

Hi everyone, I have brought a new page to instagram called: SuperWishList .. also seen on twitter as @funwishlist . I think you guys will enjoy this page. Wether it be for personal use, getting gift ideas for the holidays or even just browsing and amusement :) thanks for your time and hope you follow the account! - SuperWishList

#1 I don't see any pictures.

I'm going to use thiss!

so doing it!!

I'm in!

Will do

People please follow me on insta! @CJArg127

Thanks for the great list. I also recently joined a 52 week photography course that offers exciting challenges!

I love this, I'll be doing this when July rolls around.

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