Best Christmas Photo Ideas for Your Insta ...


Best Christmas Photo Ideas for Your Insta ...
Best Christmas Photo Ideas for Your Insta ...

The holidays — and all the best merry-making and parties of the whole year — are here, so it's time to dust off your fancy camera (or just grab your iPhone) and take a few holiday-themed pics to get in the spirit of the season... and get a few double-taps on Insta. Here are a few Santa-approved holiday photo ideas that'll have you rocking around the Christmas tree.

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Sweater with the Sibs

clothing, people, MALL, 3-4AM, MALAM, Don a giant sweater with your siblings. Come on, that's not awkward AT ALL.


All of the Other Reindeer

musician, team, youth, choir, sports, Get the crew together — office mates, cousins, whatev — don(ner) matching tees, and make sure Rudolph's nose is glowing bright.


Grab the Winter Props

people, child, rides, Plonk your kiddos down on a holiday-themed set, then snap away.


Snowball Fight!

snow, winter, weather, footwear, season, Stage a snowball fight, or snap the real deal.


Throw Snow

photograph, people, person, child, dress, Get the kids, grab a box of potato flakes (or some genuine fake snow) and have a blast!


Ugly Sweaters

social group, people, christmas, cheering, musical theatre, Get the group in close for a shot of you all in your holiday ugliest.


Pajama Party!

people, family, Find a pajama print you all love, get cozy, and snap photos.


Get a Little Weird

illustration, Tis the season to be a little odd. Embrace the weird.


Book It

hair, person, photograph, woman, girl, Are you a bibliophile? Why not do a shoot with your favorite books? Bonus points if there's snow.


Strike a Pose with Your Pup

dog, mammal, dog like mammal, terrier, dog walking, Why not share a selfie with your best puppy pal?


Find a Tiny Tree

clothing, people, toddler, child, dress, Hand your bebe a wee tree, and snap away.


Get Classy

mural, art, album cover, painting, illustration, This backdrop is classic and beautiful, but still so trendy.


Dress up the Pup

pug, dog, mammal, dog like mammal, If your doggie can stand it, dress him up in a cute Christmas sweater.


Frolic in Funny Hats

people, tree, child, pattern, portrait photography, Isn't he the cutest?


Snow Angel

snow, winter, weather, season, snow angel, This one's not as easy to get, but with a little determination (and a step-ladder) you can nail the shot.


Wrap It up

winter, snow, footwear, clothing, weather, Isn't this cute? It's even more adorbs when the lights are lit (or when your photographer adds the glow in PhotoShop).



snowboard, footwear, ski, ski equipment, sports, Get clever and punny with a sweet themed shot.


Bring a Bundle

people, child, christmas, interaction, Can you think of a cuter way to celebrate a new baby at Christmas? All the "aww!"


Marvelous Mittens

snow, winter, clothing, red, weather, Who doesn't love a cozy pair of mittens? Grab your faves and get someone you love to cuddle up with to take the snap.

Which of these snaps do you like best?

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