How to Make Your Christmas Gifts More Meaningful ...


How to Make Your Christmas Gifts More Meaningful ...
How to Make Your Christmas Gifts More Meaningful ...

Christmas has become so commercialized that it's easy to lose focus as to why we actually give gifts at this time of year. We write a list perhaps without real thought as to what we might buy - something you saw on an ad on TV or on the internet caught your eye and you made a note of it. But do you put real, deep thought into your gifts? do you always feel satisfied that you have made great gift choices, or are you just glad to tick names off your list? If you want to make a change this year, here is how to make your Christmas gifts more meaningful.

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Be direct and ask people what they actually want. It might take the surprise out of opening something, but it at least ensures that what you are gifting is going to be truly appreciated and valued.



Don’t gift them something that isn’t going to be in their life in two weeks like chocolates or bath and shower stuff. Instead, try to think of something that is going to last, something that can make an impact on their décor or their style for a long time after the Christmas period.



Have a hard think about the kinds of hobbies that the person enjoys, and get them something involved with one of those hobbies rather than just a generic gift from the front window of a store that every other person in the world will also be receiving.



Take things back to the good old days and gift them something that reminds them of simpler Christmas days of their childhood. Something like a retro toy from the decade in which they grew up is always a fun and meaningful present to get.



Go that extra mile and make the effort to give them something that you have made by hand. It could be a craft or an accessory or even some of their favorite snacks. It will mean much more to them if they can tell that you have spent valuable time making it from scratch.



If the person in question already has everything that they would need and want, do something different like donate to a charity in their name. It is a really sweet gesture to let them now that instead of giving them another non-essential item, you have, on their behalf, decided to make the lives of other more in need people that little bit better.

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