Forget the Flowers 9 Best Gifts for Mother's Day That Show You Have Really Thought about It


Forget the Flowers 9 Best Gifts for Mother's Day That Show You Have Really Thought about It
Forget the Flowers 9 Best Gifts for Mother's Day That Show You Have Really Thought about It

Of course, Mum is going to love the card and flowers and chocolates/wine/prosecco/hand lotion you present her with but if you opt for one of these thoughtful gifts for Mother's Day, she is really going to appreciate the effort you made this year. UK Mother's Day is 31st March in 2019 so you still have time to get your order in. I'm always looking for something different so if you have any great ideas for out-of-the-box gifts for Mother's Day, please do say in the comments.

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Genealogy Kit

Tracing your family tree has become a popular pastime and can be a fun hobby. You could get mum started on a fascinating journey into your family's ancestry.


Experience Day

Give mum the chance to do something she has always dreamt of and never gotten around to. With an experience day, she really can tick something off her bucket list.


A Houseplant

I know that might sound kinda boring and no more exciting than flowers, but did you know that a home apparently needs six to eight plants to help purify the air and improve its residents’ moods? Amazing hey? Choose a big showy plant but one that is easy to care for like a yucca or dracaena.


Wooden Jigsaw

You might think that jigsaws are unfashionable. They are. But, buy a beautiful wooden jigsaw and mum will love the please of creating the stunning photo. Wooden jigsaws are of a higher quality than cardboard so she'll appreciate the quality as well as the benefits of sitting down quietly for some me time.


Book Club Subscription

This is my gift to my mum this year. My mum is a voracious reader and it's always a struggle to find new titles to present her 'cos she's always read them all. However, I found this book club and it sounds great. Books That Matter service specialises in picking out the best literature on themes such as gender, race and politics and each box is curated by a team of women.


Facial Roller

Many mums don't overindulge in their beauty products and tend to stay away from the latest fads and trends. One thing I really do like and think that is great for maturing skin is a facial roller. It's so much nicer than a pot of her usual face cream. Buy a jade one for the best results.


Bakery Course

This is another idea driven by things my mum loves. My mum would happily live on bread. It is her most favourite food. Baking your own bread is more rewarding than you might think and once you get used to home baked loaves you really won't want those floppy, dense white sliced loaves anymore. Send mum to learn how to make bread. The course is near Borough Market so an overnight stay in London, near the capital's most vibrant food hub would be an added treat (why not go with her?).


Craft Gin

Mother's Ruin is enjoying such a run in the spotlight right now and there are so many fabulous gins to choose from. A bottle of artisan gin is going to be more welcome than a bottle of Gordon's or Beefeater.


Cookie Treat

What a treat a hand-iced speciality cookie or biscuit is. Pair your sweet treat with a card from and they donate £0.30 to breast cancer charities. Pick a card then select a single boxed biscuit or a selection from a range created for Mother's Day.

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