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7 Ways to Turn Your Writing into a Holiday Gift ...

By Holly

If you enjoy writing, you can use your creativity to compose a holiday gift. Homemade presents are a great way to save money and to show your loved ones that you care. A store bought holiday gift is nice, but not nearly as personal. Everyone will appreciate your sentimentality, because they know your present took time and love to create.

1 Insert into Adventures

Here’s a holiday gift idea for any creative writers. Think about your recipient’s favorite television show or film. Create a story that involves characters from the show meeting the recipient. They’ll love the idea of getting to meet their favorite people, even if it’s only in a fictional story. It’ll show them that you’re paying attention to them, because you’re inserting elements from the show that they love.

2 Made-up Magazine Article

If your loved one is a budding actress or guitarist, they’ll love a gift like this. Create a magazine article from the ‘future’ that speaks about how successful your recipient is. If you want to add humor to it, add a section about yourself, saying how you helped them achieve their goals. If you’re a pro with photoshop, you can even add a photograph of your friend onto the article. It’ll make it look more realistic, and more impressive.


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3 Magical Memory

Think about the greatest memory you have with the person you’re creating a gift for. Write down an account of that day. Include as many details as you can, and explain how you felt as you were with them. They’ll be touched that you remembered so much about a moment you spent with them. Wouldn’t you love a gift so thoughtful?

4 Manic Mad Libs

Create a funny story with blanks that they can fill in when they’re bored. Your story can involve the two of you going off on some crazy adventure. Don’t forget to make it as ridiculous as possible. The crazier the tale is, the more it’ll make the recipient laugh. Your aim with this gift is to bring a smile to their face, so don’t make the story bland.

5 Thoughtful Thank You

If you want to keep things simple, write out a thank you note for the recipient. Tell them how much you love them, and list the things that you’re thankful for. Such a genuine expression of feeling will make anyone grin. This gift shouldn’t take up much of your time, because you’re writing from the heart. Try not to edit what you write too much, because you want to keep the authenticity of your words.

6 Pieces of Poetry

If you’re a poet, it makes sense to write a poem for your loved one. You don’t have to make it sappy. It can be a funny account of your lives. Just because something is silly doesn’t mean that it’s any less thoughtful. Some people appreciate humor more than seriousness.

7 Adorable Diary Entries

If your friend is obsessed with a certain singer, pretend you're him for a few hours. Write fake journal entries as if you're their dream man. Explain how you saw a cute girl at one of your concerts and pulled her up on the stage with you. Create a fake love story that she'll die over. It'll be exciting to write, and even more exciting to watch her read.

If you enjoy writing, you’ll have fun composing these presents for your loved ones. Have you ever created homemade gifts? Did the recipient love it?

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